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All deadlines on a Friday, 4 pm.

Assignment 1  = P1 M1 D1
Given out:3/11/14
Taken in: 5/12/14

Assignment 2 = P2 P3
Given out: 8/12/14… 23 more words

Assignment 1

Europe - The Land of the Queen, Bollocks and Schnitzel

Me: Hey, look behind you. It’s the Queen.
A: That’s absolutely bollocks, you cheeky twat.
Me: I have no idea what you just said.
A: Well, do you want the censored or the blunt translation?

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Assignment 4

Assignment 4 (Listening)

Karlheinz Stockhausen – “Gesang der Jünglinge”

This piece used various synthesis (sine wave generators and noise) mixed with field recordings of boy sopranos singing. Using these building blocks, Stockhausen is able to create a variety of complex textures that shift and morph throughout the piece. 321 more words

Assignment 4 (Reading)

Music as a Gradual Process by Steve Reich &

Digital Discipline: Minimalism in House and Techno by Phillip Shelburne

The first article, “Music as a Gradual Process” by Steve Reich, explains Steve Reich’s fascination and usage of processes in his music. 435 more words

Road to Perdition Beats

Road to Perdition Beats

In class, we watched the first half of this movie and we took notes. Our class discussion was about the beats of this movie and what each of the beats represented in the story. 956 more words

Assignment 4

Damien Hurst

Damien Hurst

Damien Hurst is an English entrepreneur and artist at the Age of 49 (Born 7 June 1965).

Damien Hurst work is different, weird and out of this world something that took me by surprise was that he has the record for a one artist auction coming in at $198 million dollars for his complete exhibition/show “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” at the multinational corporation Sotheby’s. 238 more words

Assignment 4