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#520 - Why You Forgot to Pay Your Credit Card Bill

Y’see, there was this thing.  A big thing.  I can’t really describe this thing but it was big, I can promise you that.  Anyways, this thing came up and it was all like “Waaah, looks at me, yo!”  So I looked at it and was all “Waaah, looks at that, yo!” and everything just went crazy. 

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Creative Assignment 2- Tell a Tale

For our second creative assignment, I chose to Tell a Tale. It had to be a 300-400 word suspenseful story. The characters had to be two strangers and the setting was to take place in a log cabin in the woods. 21 more words

Week 4

#98 - There are Often Three Reasons for Something:

…the reason we tell others, the reason we tell ourselves, and the real reason.  Write about the war among the three.

Gentlemen, I’m not going to lie to you. 

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Sculpture 1; Assignment 1

I have spent weeks trying to get my head around this piece. I have some lovely short lengths of 2” x 1” that I was going to use for this but I couldn’t work out what I was actually going to do… I wanted to do something a little less abstract this time. 844 more words


Ms. Songer, Where Do I Start?

You don’t know where to start?  Here, let me help you.

ASSIGNMENT:  Your assignment is to heighten public awareness, interest, and activism while enforcing democratic freedoms and governmental transparency as they pertain to an issue involving public health and safety in three countries – PIECE OF CAKE!! 401 more words


Well...this is awkward.

So I totally found the assignment hand out sheet and apparently, I’m meant to write down my skills and interests in Performance Communication and my personal goals for this paper. 828 more words

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