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Rookie Mag: A Fresh Voice

With the media being an immediate part of our societal structure, it’s hard not to be influenced by it and the message it perpetuates. Although we are constantly surrounded by media, it becomes hard for us to reproduce what we already have to create new content. 523 more words


Classes and Jokers in UPIS

Once in math class, my classmate Miggy was showing off his soccer gear which included pulling up his pants, revealing black leggings. Our teacher scolded him saying, ” Miggy! 302 more words


C008-A2 - Digital Proof of Concept

Class 008 – Assignment 2

“Digital Proof of Concept”

1) Construct a rough build of your game’s core mechanic in Unity, that proves your game concept will be possible in the digital realm.   52 more words


C008-A1 - World Design Documentation

Class 008 – Assignment 1

“World Design Documentation”

1) As a group write up the following documents:

a) World Concept Documentation - Describe the important mythologies of your world. 62 more words


Reading response for week 12

-One of the traditional privileges for teachers in the United States has been control over the curriculum. Unlike most countries in the world, the United States does not have a national curriculum per se, enabling teachers to make curriculum decisions that most benefit local students. 427 more words


Math 109 Assignment for 4/22

From problem set 2.4 – starting on page 144 – do exercises 1-11, 21-26, and 33

From problem set 2.5 – starting on page 157 – do exercises 2, 3, 4, 6, 10… 34 more words


My Brief Career as Foley Artist

For :30 this week, I had the distinct privilege of being a Foley Artist. As part of my DS106 assignment, I had to create :30 worth of Foley audio to go along with this Charlie Chaplin clip: 342 more words