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Final Project Idea

I’m going to have to find something to do my final project for my class. I know for sure I’m going to use Joomla, it is by far my favorite CMS. 237 more words


Week 3 Graded Discussion Due 7/27

Erin’s chemistry teacher made a huge mistake on Erin’s final grade. A mistake that was very much in Erin’s favor. Should Erin point out the mistake to her teacher, or accept her good fortune quietly and gratefully?



On July 17th I covered my latest event for Vandocument – Music and Movement Mondays (MAMM).  A collaborative based performance that happens weekly, combining a different set of musicians, dancers and studio space. 211 more words


COM210 Wrap-Up Blog Post (SU14)

COM210: Multimedia Content Creation
Course Wrap-Up Blog Post (20 pts)
Due Date: Friday, August 1, 11:59pm

Overview & Background

You will write a short reflection post of your favorite project, what you learned in this course and what skills you will use in the future, and what your future coursework or career plans are. 311 more words

Course Material


If your DSLR camera allows you to have manual control over the ‘slow sync flash’ function, you will sooner or later become aware of the almost limitless creative options that accompany knowing how this mode will perform: one option is referred to as ‘front curtain sync’ and the other as ‘rear curtain sync.’ These two modes sound fairly technical and rather daunting, but at it’s most basic understanding, they simply are the way in which you choose when to fire your flash during a longer exposure. 392 more words


06 Project Update, Due Thursday Afternoon

Please post as [06 Project Draft] for Thursday


Please use the template on the Google Drive and the outline below.   The pages are Supersquare 8.5 x 8.5 (8.75 x 8.75 for full bleed trimming in Lulu).  1,072 more words