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Design for people with hearing disabilities: broaden ”normality” and minimize stigmatization

The different auditory impairments are in the area of perceptual impairments. It can further be divided mainly in two different areas, deaf and hearing impaired. The difference is that deaf doesn’t react at sounds at all, a complete hearing impairment. 1,574 more words

Assignment 2

Stigmatization and normality

Stigmatization overall is a very big topic and needs to be tackled in many different
ways. One way is the design of needed tools. When designing good helpful tools there… 604 more words

Assignment 2

Day 71

Today I was working on a biology project so I didn’t get to work on any photoshop projects.


Lesson 16

Problem 1

This is an okay model. The R^2 is .60 which means the model if somewhat significant. The p-value is low and the F is high which is good. 177 more words