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Assignment 1

Second drawing: Made objects

Finally, here is my second drawing for Assignment 1 with the title “Reflections”. It was drawn with charcoal and graphite pencils on 42 x 59,2 cm (Din A2) 130 g/m² paper.

Sphere detail:

Some prep work:


Students assigned to live in bathrooms and closets

As the fall semester quickly approaches, first-year college residents are receiving the long-awaited information that will define many of their on-campus experiences: housing assignments.

For those who let fate decide what their future residence life will entail, this means finding out who their roommate is, whether or not they scored one of the air-conditioned rooms and how much closet space they have. 516 more words


Blog about it and it will last longer


So my overall blogging experience was rather good. I’ve always wanted to start a blog about my life and what I’m interested but I could never find the time. 360 more words


Read and make notes

Watch the Youtube video on making notes (it’s in useful links category). Then read this article and make notes. You can also use the mind map to make notes that is attached to the reading.When you finish making notes, write a summary too. 6 more words


A Great New Experience

 These past five weeks have been very busy, but fun at the same time. I really enjoyed this class and being able to create my own blog and write about a topic that interests me. 107 more words


Making people skinny

If you wan to see what starvation may look like continue seeing, also magic happens as the guy suddenly disappears


Damaged Picture///Stuff made in class

Before & After

Made in Photoshop CS6.

We took a picture from the internet and tried our best to make it look better or not as damaged as it was.