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Project work for Monday

Please bring your technology.  Here is the assignment we will be working on:

Website Project and Blog Reflection

This semester we have been blogging about our reading, connecting the challenges and the inspiration of several nineteenth century American women writers to our own time, experiences, and contemporary culture. 756 more words


Video assignment directions

Your next assignment, due on Nov. 3, is to shoot and edit a video of at least 90 seconds on a subject related to your beat. 297 more words


HOW TO GET A FIRST, Michael Tefula. What I have learnt from reading part two of this book:

  • Expand the use of your memory-try memory games, look up methods to practice, etc.
  • The idea about effectively planning and managing the tasks that are required of you and completing them in your own time, but well before the university-set deadlines.
  • 301 more words

Ethics and Dr. V's Magical Putter

For this week’s assignment, please read Dr. V’s Magical Putter  from the sports website, Grantland, then write up to 500 words about the ethical issues that the journalist and the publication faced or should have considered.  142 more words


One more hour per day would be nice

The past week has been stressful to say the least, and it’s not going to ease any time soon.. One month in to the academic year and we are at full speed ahead. 268 more words

Brand Me

Google Search

Have you ever searched yourself on Google? I have, and given the search results,  I am not upset by what is revealed.
Google returned the usual suspects of course, my homepage on the Internet, social media platforms that I use, and photography sites I contribute to on a regular basis. 743 more words


I Traveled A Road

I may have left this entirely too late, but, I have just started my assignments for Uni which are due next Tuesday. Well done Jade. Well I know I can do it, I am quite the prodigy when it comes to bullshitting my way through impossible essays. 158 more words