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Introduction To Physical Therapy For Therapist Assistants Solutions

In recent times the requirement for qualified and well trained physical therapy assistants and technicians has boomed rapidly. In fact, with the rise in health care standards and number of health care centers and clinics, in the next few years the medical industry expects to look for more qualified… 332 more words

Products Therapeutic Exercise for Physical Therapy Assistants Techniques Intervention

Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) perform a variety of tasks under the track and supervision of physical therapists. Their prime responsibilities generally consist of conducting therapeutic… 230 more words


As was the custom of the time, our household was made up of many domestic help, some live-in and some daily, with one or two who came in weekly or bi-weekly. 603 more words

Make it Rain- Bank accounts- TAPIF Tip #8

To do a majority of things upon arrival you’ll need a bank account; however, in order to get one you must already have a home… most landlords will want you to already have a bank account… Oh france. 551 more words


So you got into TAPIF

You’ve done it Tapif 14-15 assistants and man am I proud of you! You all are in for a very trying and rewarding year! Now after 3 ish months of waiting you’ve been rewarded!… with a letter and more waiting. 487 more words


Quick and important update on Ugly Ducklings Inc!

Firstly, thank you EVERYONE for spreading the word and being invested in our movement. We’ve kicked off the month of April with finishing up the… 288 more words