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Caribbean Fusion Festival – Kissimmee, Florida. April 27, 2014

Help us to celebrate 20 years with CAFA

at the Caribbean Fusion Festival
Caribbean & Floridian Association

The Caribbean and Floridian Association, Inc. (CAFA) will be hosting the 20th Annual Caribbean Fusion on Sunday, April 27, 2014 and is sponsored by the Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA), The Osceola Tourism Development Council and the City of Kissimmee

Guyanese Online

Want To Be A Blogging Wizard Or A Non-profit Wordsmith? Here's Your Chance

We’re looking for guest bloggers to write about social media, associations, non-profits, charities, small business and other similar issues and organizations for our website!

If you’re unsure about contributing, this handy dandy infographic may be able to clear it up for you. 27 more words

Cloud Assessment Tool helps match needs with products

To help prospective users of cloud computing objectively assess the operational, performance and other critical capabilities offered by different cloud providers, the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) has put together a Cloud Assessment Tool (CAT). 41 more words



All around you is the beautiful creation that exists in every walk of life. It blossoms regardless of the change in seasons or the associations that are built up in time. 24 more words

Shark Tank Training

There has been a lot of chatter recently on the various membership group sites regarding the “best” recruitment methods. There is the ongoing talk about which social media platform is most effective in getting the word out, inquiries about what survey methods to use to understand what prospects really want, several questions about how effective telemarketing is, and a number of comments regarding whether or not it’s worth the effort to try to get current members to help in recruitment programs. 426 more words