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Week 5 of 8 in Bunyan: Wielding the Sword of the Spirit

As I read this week’s assignment (paragraphs 169-214) in Grace Abounding I underlined in green (symbolizing life) the Bible verses Bunyan found to be some means of comfort to his tender conscience in his parleys with Satan.  981 more words

Bunyan - Grace Abounding

Luther's "Pipebomb" on Assurance of Perseverance

Dr. Luther drops the “pipebomb” and runs. Good stuff.
If someone could believe with a certain and constant faith, and could understand the magnitude of it all, that he is the son and heir of God, he could regard all the power and wealth of all the kingdoms of the world as filth and refuse in comparison with his heavenly inheritance. 587 more words

Martin Luther

Week 4 of 8 in Bunyan: Unveiling One of Satan's Devices

By the time I came to this week’s reading assignment in Grace Abounding (paragraphs 128-168), I found myself wanting to speak a word of encouragement in Bunyan’s ear, exhorting him to… 844 more words

Bunyan - Grace Abounding

What Do Our Lifestyles Say About Where We Stand With God?

            In my previous post entitled “Sounding the Alarm in the West“, I voiced my concern over the state of the Christian church in the western world. 1,953 more words


Sounding the Alarm in the West: Why Multitudes of Professing Christians Are Deceived

Sounding the Alarm in the West

Multitudes of Professing Christians Are Deceived


In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, after having expounded the Gospel and the love of God in a glorious manner in the first three chapters, Paul turns his attention to application and exhortation in the second half of the epistle. 3,269 more words


A Great Book for the Burned-Out Pastor

The author of this book is a pastor in the same Presbytery where I labor. He is the chairman of the shepherding committee in the Presbytery, and this book certainly helps explain why. 641 more words

Books (reviews And Recommendations)




In this excerpt Dr. John Gerstner urges a congregation to examine themselves to make certain Jesus Christ is in them.

The sermon was delivered in 1991.  197 more words