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What killed the dinosaurs

A very simple question with a very complex answer. Various hypotheses have been postulated, the only almost generally agreed upon thing is that an impact from space near Chixclub, Mexico 65 million years ago dealt the final blow. 95 more words

October 22 - 209 Dido

Asteroid 209 Dido, discovered by C H F Peters on October 22nd 1879, is a large, C-type main belt asteroid with a very low albedo.  It is about 140 km (87 miles) in diameter, and completes one rotation every eight hours of its 2039 day journey around the Sun. 130 more words

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October 21 - 76 Freia

Today we say hello to 76 Freia, a large, dark, main belt asteroid, discovered on this day in 1862 by an extremely occasional visitor to these pages, the German astronomer… 241 more words

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Michael Bay Vs. An Aerospace Engineer

Way back in the grand old days of 1998 a movie was released by the name of Armageddon. In short, Bruce Willis and a rag-tag team of oil drillers embark on a drawing mission to save planet Earth from a coming asteroid, and it is the greatest farce in the history of mankind. 1,078 more words


The Supervillain's Guide to Controlling Natural Disasters

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Nature’s fury is a sight to behold: earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides can wipe out thousands of people in a single blow.

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October 20 - 148780 Altjira

As you can probably tell from the number in front of its name, 148780 Altjira was discovered a considerable time later than most of the other small and medium-sized solar system bodies in these pages, but it gets a mention for a couple of reasons.   123 more words

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October 18 - Nuwa and Chiron

James Craig Watson was responsible for today’s first entry.  150 Nuwa was first spotted by him on October 18th, 1875, and is a large, dark, C-type, main belt asteroid in the… 134 more words

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