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August 22 - 19 Fortuna

Asteroid 19 Fortuna, discovered today in 1852, is a large, dark, main-belt asteroid.  In fact, it is one of the darkest large asteroids known.  It was discovered by  114 more words

Going On Up There Then

The Darkest Side of Saturn by Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor spent many years working for NASA navigating Voyager, Cassini, Mars Polar Lander, Galileo, and Messenger throughout the solar system. His expertise and experience shines through in… 260 more words

Book Review

REXIS: X-ray Vision for OSIRIS-REx

Guest Bloggers: Mark Chodas (REXIS Student Team Members) and Richard P. Binzel (REXIS-PI)

When the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives at the target near-Earth asteroid Bennu, its first science task is to globally characterize the nature and composition of the asteroid surface. 921 more words


Human Life Could Wipe Out By An Asteroid Travelling to Earth at 9 Miles-A-Second

Humanity could be wiped out by a massive asteroid that is hurtling towards earth at a speed of around 38,000 miles an hour, scientists have warned. 304 more words


August 17 - 295 Theresia

Main belt asteroid 295 Theresia was discovered on August 17th 1890 by the Austria astronomer Johann Palisa, a familiar name in these pages thanks to his enormous haul of asteroid finds. 228 more words

Going On Up There Then

Human life could be wiped out on March 16, 2880 because a huge asteroid is hurtling towards Earth - and experts don't know how to stop it

The date of Earth’s potential destruction has been set at 16 March 2880, when an asteroid hurtling through space has a possibility of striking our planet. 1,623 more words

Asteroid Heading For Earth