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Healthy Food Scorecard for Asthmatics

A diet of processed, fatty food and refined sugar can cause asthma symptoms to be worst than normal. Recently, researchers worked to develop a scorecard to help guide healthy eating for asthmatics. 341 more words


Yellow Light Signs of an Asthma Attack

Asthma is an affliction that closes the airways into the lungs, this is due most times to allergic reactions to many different things in the air. 720 more words


The Morning After . . . An Asthma Attack

The title ‘The Moring After’ for a typical college student would detail the juicy gossip of a wild night out whilst also describing the ranging hangover they are currently victim too. 868 more words

Pity Party

Come one, come all to my annual pity party! Just kidding, I’m not that pessimistic, I just get a little gloomy/irritated when my asthma starts acting up. 907 more words

Asthma Tips, Tricks, And Techniques To Breathe Easier

Having an asthma myself, I know how it really feels to have an asthma attack. Difficulty in breathing, wheezing cough can bring sleepless nights. If left unchecked, asthma is a condition that can spiral out of control. 529 more words

And Techniques To Breathe Easier

Asthma Education: What to do in an attack

What to do in an asthma attack

The following guidelines are suitable for both children and adults and are the recommended steps to follow in an asthma attack: 216 more words

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