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Asthma is more dangerous than you think...

I find out just how serious asthma can be and what is being done to prevent the unnecessary asthma related deaths.


Asthma Attack Treatment : How Can Adults and the Young Get the Treatments they Need

This article will relates how to prevent asthma attack. The best way is to identify what is an asthma triggers. Read more here to get the best treatments. 459 more words

Asthma Attack

Breath: a poem

This is a poem I wrote recently. The first line relates to penicillin, lactose based drugs and gelatine covered capsules that can form part of the cocktail of things used to make us well again. 303 more words

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Breathless - our right to breathe

Successive government policies are failing in safeguarding the rights of many to breathe. Fracking plans are part of a long line of health threats being created. 1,224 more words

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The politics of breathing ... am re-blogging this post I wrote in my role as social media coordinator for regional Green Party. Poltical priorities re healthcare, environmental and air quality protection, NHS and energy policy can have massive impact on asthma rates.

Optimum Cuddle Time

Once upon a time we were not particularly cat people – animal people, but more for dogs. Then they came. First friends’ cats with their charm offensives, then neighbours’ cats franchising into our old home. 1,001 more words

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One of their first questions on admittance is ‘Do you have a religion?’ Ever so gently, it makes you think. You know they are fighting for your health, but you also know something else … asthma is a dangerous disease. 713 more words

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