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Evidence of Integration

I had an interesting day last night that culminated in yet another unplanned OBE this morning.

Bus Wreck

Last Friday night, as I sat outside listening to the far off sounds of a marching band playing in some football stadium, I suddenly was hit with knowingness. 2,119 more words


Into The Deep

I was awakened at 4am by my daughter. She must have caught my cold because she was coughing but it was just the typical dry cough that comes with postnasal drip. 840 more words

Astral Travel/OBE

Dream Last night

I was a woman soldier with a golden gun with many barrels. I was shooting at an enemy that seemed to not be damaged by the bullets. 201 more words

Astral Travel

No Pastels Need Apply

      Black, white, and red have proven beyond any shadowy doubt to be three banging colors that know how to walk the talk. You’d be wise to keep a safe fucking distance during subdural arousal periods. 1,362 more words



In the stillness of the morn

She was neither asleep nor awake

But in between silent slumber

She found herself walking down

A dusty dirt road in an awakened lightness… 533 more words

Astral Travel

Out of Sorts

I don’t normally post twice in one day but I have way too much going on to not.

I posted about my multiple OBEs first because I was afraid I would lose too much of what happened. 858 more words


I Wanna See Sunshine

I know I wrote recently that I was told while, also simultaneously knowing, that I need to stop going OOB for a while. Yet this morning I experienced more OBEs than I can count. 2,254 more words