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My Team

Some information from this morning’s OBE is slowly coming back to me as the day progresses. Specifically the conversation I had with my guide while I floated in darkness during my OBE. 762 more words


OBE Confusion

I had an interesting experience last night. I think it was an OBE but if it was, it is unlike any I have had.

Confusion… 709 more words

Astral Travel/OBE


necessarily mean


as in ‘deceased’ … or so it seems to seem to some.


an interesting wee article in today’s online NZH newspaper; apparently back-referenced to the UK’s Daily Telegraph. 752 more words


Blood Moon Ascension

I awoke this morning in my astral body as high as I have ever been. The Earth below gave me a dizzy spell for just a second as I adjusted to the extreme height and atmospheric conditions. 489 more words

Night Visitor

Night Visitor

High in the tower

She sat and looked around her

The world flowed away to the horizon

Moonlight shone softly through the trees… 220 more words


The Astral Body in Theosophy

Theosophy identifies a number of “planes” or “levels” in the Solar System each of greater or lesser subtlety compared to the plane immediately above or below it. 75 more words


Two Bodies - March, 2014

Of all the mornings this week, this is the one I would expect would have me in a good mood. Unfortunately, I feel very grumpy and on edge. 1,359 more words