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Yesterday was a long day. When I went to bed I was wide awake and it was already 11pm. I don’t think I was able to fall asleep until some time after that. 1,769 more words

Astral Travel/OBE

Do You Read Books?

If you read books.. that the only really important book you should be reading right now is ”Astral Projection: Amazing Journeys Outside your body… 514 more words

Control Your Life

Astral Elevator

I didn’t go to sleep last night with the intention to astral – though I guess I really always have that intent – so, I will just say I went to bed without asking to astral. 1,643 more words

Astral Travel/OBE

You Are An Astral Being

Who are you? Are you able to access other realms? Other life times? Other parallel universes? Spirit Guides? Angels?

You are an astral being: A Spirit (that is) being Human in the physical realm.

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Spirit Guides

A Metaphysical View Of Deja Vu

What is Deja Vu?
I have been trying to innerstand deja vu since my early teens. I would conceptualize many ideas to what deja vu was and why it happens. 185 more words

Physical Manifestations from Astral Travel

Other than my accidental journey, one of my first few trips, after learning how to control myself when I was astral, was experimenting with the flying capabilities that I suddenly had at my disposal. 675 more words

Alternative Beliefs

Night Wanderings.....

Thought I would jump in on some weird sleep experiences…

Now mind you, I have had reiki done on me a handful of times by a girlfriend who is a reiki master.  198 more words