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To the Moon

With all the excitement of my kundalini experience the other night (12/12/14) I almost forgot all about the OBE I had afterward. I specifically asked to astral. 546 more words


Astral travel

A very good blog post on astral travelling:

“Are you overcomplicating astral travel?”  at “Adventures on a Dusken Path”

Test Preparation

My mood last night was very high. This was in complete contrast to how I felt when I awoke yesterday morning, so it was very nice. 2,475 more words



Growing up you are taught that you exist separately from everything, that everything is not a part of you. Within, you are all that is, everything is an extension of your being. 520 more words


The Trance State

In the wake of my most recent experience, I wanted to explain what exactly happened to me. I want to make it very clear that what I experienced 1. 1,237 more words


My experience of Astral Travelling

Astral Travelling is a topic I’ve been interested in for a long time. I’ve read about other people’s experiences and I’ve read instructions on how to do it but there was still that gap of not experiencing it for myself. 607 more words



I had quite a few dreams once I entered dreamland, but now most are lost to me. I awoke after them and even went over and over them in my head, but I only remember tidbits of information. 1,443 more words