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A Metaphysical View Of Deja Vu

What is Deja Vu?
I have been trying to innerstand deja vu since my early teens. I would conceptualize many ideas to what deja vu was and why it happens. 185 more words

Physical Manifestations from Astral Travel

Other than my accidental journey, one of my first few trips, after learning how to control myself when I was astral, was experimenting with the flying capabilities that I suddenly had at my disposal. 675 more words

Alternative Beliefs

Night Wanderings.....

Thought I would jump in on some weird sleep experiences…

Now mind you, I have had reiki done on me a handful of times by a girlfriend who is a reiki master.  198 more words


The last person you want to run into in a dark alley is... Yourself

Second time I have been in contact with what I believe is a future me, and not a doppleganger or other timeline/alternate dimension self. Appearing a bit older, I think I was actually grabbed and taken somewhere. 470 more words

Astral Projection: How to Astral Project for Astral Travel

Astral Projection: How to Astral Project for Astral Travel?

Astral projection used to be an esoteric subject only available to select elite class individuals in the ancient mystical culture of Egyptian civilization. 404 more words

Moonstone : Gem Essence


Moonstone Gem Essence:

  • It works primarily with the Spiritual Energy Body and opens access to the Crown Energy Center.
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Akashic Records

Akashic Journey : Intro


The Akashic Records has been defined in many ways, the most common is that it is a repository for the knowledge of all that was, is and is meant to be.

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Akashic Records