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The Great Water Woo Heist

It started with me exploring a new house I had been given (a theme in my dreams is receiving houses and property). I had beenĀ builtĀ in the 20’s but completely refurbished inside. 1,086 more words

Astral Travels

The Hauntings of Gypsy Rose

The Hauntings of Gypsy Rose is a collection of stories of the paranormal world. Each encounter will be chronicled and any related evidence from my time as a paranormal investigator will be shared for your reading pleasure. 46 more words


Dancing with the Etheric

Anyone that has learned the art of meditation will tell you that it is an amazing, life changing experience for them and they will recommend it to everyone they meet. 124 more words


Ghostly Travels

A student asked me an interesting question: Can Ghosts Travel Through Time & Space?

Are ghosts stuck or can they will themselves to move through timelines and even dimensions? 496 more words



The energy was different last night. It felt like it was building up from the day before as I had been anxious most of the day for not reason. 2,011 more words


March into Madness

It was early March when my ex-husband and I inherited $100,000 from his late Grandmother. We were living in a small apartment with rent that was much too high. 2,504 more words



I am learning very quickly that my questions and desires are quickly addressed if I voice them. I have been testing this by asking for what I want prior to bed in order to see if my dreams or my guides provide me with insight or an outright answer. 1,474 more words