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Soul Party

The final story from my first book  ‘Awakenings: Are You Ready’ Available as a free download from http://www.yvebowen.com/awakenings—are-you-ready.html

I just felt called to share it here for ‘some’ reason… Behind the conceptual language and themes in the story, is an ongoing truth about the power of connecting with those that truly resonate with who you are, and where you are, in your spiritual unfolding.. 1,361 more words

Creative Expression

I Am A Human Wormhole

I know you’re probably wondering what is a human wormhole? How does it function? Why is there one? What does it mean for Namjeev to be a human wormhole? 893 more words



Astral traveling, vibrational alignment, third eye opening. I do believe these abilities are possible, I have seen and experienced they can be done. Yet a blockage at the lower levels will lead to interference of these higher levels of metaphysical functioning and leave one spiritually dysfunctional. 642 more words

Waking the witch

I’ve spent some time reading The Occult by Colin Wilson and it’s been reassuring to find that most of the beliefs I’ve had over many years are or have been shared by various peoples over time. 341 more words

As requested, a post on astral projection

The first time I ever projected was because Loki pulled me out of my body. It was after the sun went down and I was sitting in my Dad’s hot tub on the back deck with Loki (if you know what I mean *wink wink*), and somehow we got on the subject of astral projection when he offered to pull me out of my body… 949 more words

Astral Projection

Astral Travel with Vampires and Robin Williams

The past couple of nights have produced some very active dreams for me. Actually I call it dream play time. You see I am one of those people that astral travel comes easily. 994 more words



Yesterday was a long day. When I went to bed I was wide awake and it was already 11pm. I don’t think I was able to fall asleep until some time after that. 1,769 more words

Astral Travel/OBE