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Bullet Holes

Before I went to bed last night, I did not read as is my usual routine. The book I have been reading has me a bit overwhelmed and I need time to process it. 2,018 more words



    The esteemed corporations queuing freely in front of the trough, icons of fat and fatter, though not fattest, who were amalgamating iconically at a better location with more heft, seemed to be blending well. 1,130 more words


Life after death

Data about OBEs from a book such as Life After Life are highly suggestive that a conscious entity survives bodily death. There is no proof at this time of survival of death.

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Roberto and Tina

I awoke in the morning feeling very cold. I turned over to lay on my back and had a strong thought: “Get the blanket”. With the thought came a visual of the baby blanket laying in the crib nearby. 2,393 more words


Astral Travel 10.11.12 ----- The Pyramids of Lyra

On 10.11.12 I had an amazing astral travel experience. I wrote it down in detail soon afterwards. At this time I was opening my third eye. 1,078 more words


See No Evil

I was awakened to shrill screaming. After tending to my baby and unfortunately arguing with my husband about the “cry-it-out-method” which I believe is horribly mean at such a young age, I got back into bed. 1,784 more words


Look for the Light

For the last two or three days I have been getting messages as I lay down to sleep. My thoughts have been pretty much nonexistent but I have been struggling to fall asleep for some reason. 1,611 more words