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The best video I know about meditation, spirit, and astral travel. Please SHARE it. Thank you.
Divine Aim

Astral Projection

It’s been fascinating to research Astral Projection, I’ve read several books this week and I am still not sure.

All this last week I have been reading as much as possible into Astral Projection, I had no idea just how big a subject it actually is. 940 more words

Revolutionary Changes on Planet

The increase continues Soltices, Equinoxs, Eclipses, Astromonical Aligments (my spell checker doesn’t like any of those spellings so please bare with me) are all opening door ways to major changes in the frequencies of the energy of our planet. 626 more words


I watch myself sit in front of a mirror fiddling with keys in hand,
I remove one from the bunch and hand it to me, 63 more words


Stories Written in the Sky

I pull my ass out of the water and roll onto the ground.

“water” I mutter to myself as I stare off at the low hanging ceiling. 281 more words


The Black Stag

Occasionally, you may find yourself drifting through the countryside. Passing through a completely unfamiliar area, which by unfathomable coincidence may only exist a short distance from home. 485 more words

Blood on the Tongue

Through the Astral pond
Gone, baby gone
I see an ashen face
Full of the Naga’s rage
The Beast and a Mother woman
Bruised and honored… 38 more words