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Really there

With a methodical mind open to wild vistas of hyper active creativity, sometimes the mind and senses must be scrabbled, mixed up, uncertain, contradictory and out of place. 41 more words


Reaching out
Whispering wind
The briefest moment
Of touch

Worlds are made
And broken pieces
Fall like starlight

Piercing morning
Astral force
Feel us tremble… 25 more words


In Asgard

I had no idea what exactly these celebrations will be like, so Loki took me to Asgard to show me a celebration still happening. I wonder whom’s wedding that is for? 539 more words


Loki & the Engagement

As you can guess, I am engaged with Loki; he has been asking me to marry him, to become a Godspouse of his. I don’t quite say, “No,” but I also don’t quite say, “Yes” either. 656 more words


A Treatise on Astral Projection - Part 2

A Treatise on Astral Projection

Read Part 1

Part 2
Starting Out

After the physical body has fallen asleep, the astral body always projects into the physical world. 4,538 more words

Dream Theory


Why are things so much better going for me outside my body than they are inside my body?

I am engaged, I am married, I have a crush on another as well; I can sleep around, share energies, emotions, etc. 83 more words