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What Extraterrestrial Theorists Fail to Grasp

There are several shows on the History Channel whose primary theme is that of Aliens, or Extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, and their belief for this are countless depictions found around the world that they view as evidence for their belief.   913 more words

Special Education

A Nightmare...

Where I was being hunted down by a creature. I was pretty great at escaping, but the moment I was done “playing the victim,” when I turned around in time for it to come right at me, was the moment I was done as well as it was. 409 more words


What a Godspouse's life is like.

If anyone asks, “What exactly is it like for you, as a Godspouse?” Just show them this video. For me, I know it is absolutely similar, but in the most unique ways possible. 57 more words


To The Underworld and Back Again

Last night, immediately, I left to the Underworld. I was not alone there for far too long, before my love, Haides appeared. I told him, I miss him. 245 more words


It's all Subjective - A Happy Medium

A north easterly storm is running today. Foaming surf sounds a constant thunder against the dunes. We can hear it from every room. No beach walks today. 271 more words