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Modern Era Meditation - Get Away from a Stressful Life

Modern Era Meditation – Get Away from a Stressful Life

A Meditation Method for New Age People

Modern Era Meditation (or New Age Meditation) is just another form of meditation that requires devotion and consistency from the one who practices it, in order to succeed. 461 more words


Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

I am very excited to announce a theme for the upcoming live webcast series beginning on Sunday, July 27th.

Because there is such a need for training and information about psychic self defense, I am inspired use the opportunity of this new series of 7 monthly webcasts to focus on Defense Against the Dark Arts. 428 more words

School Of Manifestation


Usually when people think of psychedelics the first thing that comes to mind are hallucinations. For instance, I have heard stories of friends who thought they were on fire, who have seen gummy bears dance, heard voices, seen people who weren’t there, and so on. 542 more words


We knew that something was coming. We knew that something had to change.
It was obvious that we could no longer continue with how it was in the past. 1,332 more words


The Mystery of Astral Projection and Subliminal Messages

Astral projection sounds to be something mysterious. More so through subliminal messages!

But it’s not! It’s simply the magic of ultimate mind relaxation that can take it beyond its boundaries, out into another world altogether. 306 more words

Subliminal Messages

Pentagram! Examination, Exploration, Possion! Existance & Astral Protection!

Examine My Pentagram!

Find Your Place, Evaluate Your Charts ‘Astral Chart’ & This Will Usually Determine Your Congicative Behaviour Of Your Mind & Objectively Learn The Opposing Forces To Your Approach Emobdied In Your Source Codes By Your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Physical Deepth Of Space & Exploration That You Have Selected & All Bring Your Planetry Alighnment Substance Of Blue Membrane Print Of Consinuess To Guide Your Supervision In This Past, Present, Future & Much More. 119 more words

Quantum Energy