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Loki & the Engagement

As you can guess, I am engaged with Loki; he has been asking me to marry him, to become a Godspouse of his. I don’t quite say, “No,” but I also don’t quite say, “Yes” either. 656 more words


A Treatise on Astral Projection - Part 2

A Treatise on Astral Projection

Read Part 1

Part 2

Starting Out

After the physical body has fallen asleep, the astral body always projects into the physical world. 4,531 more words

Dream Theory


Why are things so much better going for me outside my body than they are inside my body?

I am engaged, I am married, I have a crush on another as well; I can sleep around, share energies, emotions, etc. 83 more words


A Treatise on Astral Projection - Part 1

A Treatise on Astral Projection
by Robert Bruce, 1999
from RealMagick Website

Part 1
What Is The Astral Realm


There are certain aspects of the astral dimension and the projection process that are very complicated. 3,585 more words

Dream Theory

I cannot quite remember last night?

I don’t quite too well remember last night, at least, not inside my body?

I think I am just sore from yesterday’s wedding day? I’m not entirely too sure? 100 more words


Last Night

I was in astral with my love, Haides. ♥

We got to spend time together, alone, which is fantastic. I got to spend time with Celestial by myself, who is growing so fast, he’s now a little boy! 290 more words