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'I Origins' Turns The Creationist Eyeball Meme Into A Sci-Fi Rom-Dram

All About Eyeballs

Reviewing a film like ‘I Origins’ presents a sort of observer’s paradox. I think I enjoyed it mostly because I was ignorant of it, and in communicating that to you, I risk destroying your ignorance and poisoning your enjoyment, thus retroactively negating my own review (also, Kyle Reese is your father). 1,456 more words

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Film Review: I Origins

“What would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs?” 

Science and spirituality is at the forefront of Mike Cahill’s second directorial feature. If that doesn’t already excite you, perhaps you have never had those intense, elongated conversations about either or both of the subjects. 890 more words


Movie Review: 'I Origins'

By Bill Wine
KYW Newsradio 1060

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — I Origins (which could just as easily have been titled “Eye Origins”) is a cerebral science-versus-spirituality drama, intoxicating at certain times, exasperating at others. 376 more words

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Fantasia Festival 2014: I Origins (2014)

The second movie in my line-up is not only on the most packed schedule on a personal level but also one that I’ve been anticipating a whole lot.   1,051 more words


REVIEW: I Origins

The flaws of writer/director Mike Cahill’s “I Origins” have become more apparent as I have thought about the movie more in retrospect.  But remarkably, this awareness has not led me to think lesser of the product as a whole.   278 more words

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I ORIGINS (2014)

 Greetings again from the darkness. The evening I saw this one, I tweeted “Mike Cahill is one of today’s most intriguing filmmakers“. After a few days to think about it, that belief remains so. 254 more words


'I Origins' Movie Review

I Origins

Synopsis of the Film and My Review:

A cocky scientist encounters a mysterious-foreign girl at a Halloween party which has a ripple that affects the rest of his life. 240 more words