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I Origins (2014)

The cleverness of Mike Cahill’s latest, “I Origins” stretches way beyond the title itself, but it’s as good a place to start as any. Presenting the fairly new prospect of cataloging the entire human race through iris recognition, “I Origins” takes a fantastical twist into much more profound philosophical territory. 794 more words



Dr. Ian Grey (Michael Pitt) is a cute scientist with tousled hair, tortoise print glasses and a wardrobe he must have picked up from Scientists-R-Us. He is man obsessed with studying patterns in eyes, looking for some proof that evolution is the only answer and that God doesn’t exist. 489 more words


Movie Review: I Origins (2014)

Science vs. faith. It’s the age-old debate that continues to rage on. But what if science and faith had an intersection point; an anomaly that couldn’t be fully explained by either?  521 more words

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Flash Movie Review: I Origins

I imagine it being a vast, rolling drum that continually tosses the contents within its hold. Random pieces stick together as if they were covered in velcro before they exit to settle down in what will become a new being. 401 more words



I’M BACK! I have been on absolute holiday mode for the last two weeks travelling around Scandinavia. I am now in Paris having some downtown at my aunties house, and actually have time to sit down with my laptop and look up some inspiring editorials. 18 more words