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Untitled Fantasy Project - Chapter Three

Astrid had run up into the upper tier for the first time in nearly a month, telling the third mate’s wife that he had arrived but would still be a while as he was needed for some business. 889 more words

Young Woman

Untitled Fantasy Project - Chapter One

A/N: I was intending to put this up sooner and post more of this story this week  but I was surprisingly busy and haven’t had the time, but I won’t be next week so I’ll get a few more posts up. 1,385 more words


A is for Astrid

I’ve been waiting patiently for Alphabe-Thursday to come back around to A. I’ve been wanting to join in for a while now, but thought I should start at the beginning. 105 more words

Miss Eva Saves the Rats

My husband bought me two rats (and all their supplies) as a random surprise on an otherwise regular Wednesday night. I’d been talking about how much I love pet rats and had always wanted them, but considering we also have a cat, a dog, and a snake, having prey animals in our household seemed unwise. 331 more words

Filme da semana: Como Treinar Seu Dragão 2

Gênero: Animação

Em “Como Treinar o seu Dragão  2″ retornamos ao mundo do atrapalhado Soluço e seu fiel dragão Banguela. Enquanto Astrid, Snotface e o resto da turma competem uns com os outros em corridas de dragão, que são o novo esporte e hobby da ilha, Soluço e Banguela descobrem novas terras e exploram novos mundos, sem que os outros saibam disso. 79 more words


Herd Dynamics

We have a small herd of 4 horses. As the weather turns towards the colder side, the dynamics of how our herd works together becomes more and more apparent. 530 more words