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Watched This Show?????

 Cosmos a space-time odyssey, is on the third episode and is already a hit. The shows what earth was like and how it happen in space how all the planets formed and were not the only galaxy that there are a dozen of planets just like us, there   was another episode yesterday and it showed that how humans anticipated the earth and the other planets orbit around the sun.Also every 50 years an asteroid will be pulled by the sun gravitational pull will be pulled to the sun then it will create a great blue spark that will shine on planet earth. 20 more words

Asteroid passing Earth will be closer than moon

2014 DX110 will pass between earth, moon Wednesday night

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — An asteroid is headed this way. But even though it will come closer than the moon, astronomers say it will pose no danger. 58 more words


Final Option

Explorers searching for new worlds was not the highlight of human history as dreamt by generations past, but rather was the only and Final Option for a dying race…

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Astroid 5600 II

Plagued by a dreadful flu, Dory lay cocooned in his bed, enveloped by a large mass of cream-coloured, synthetic stodge.  The medicine his mother had given him two hours prior had yet to take its effect and consequently resulted in landing Dory in the foulest of moods.  484 more words