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Taurus Solar Eclipse: Tarot

I’m going to be writing a more in-depth post about the Taurus solar eclipse coming up on April 29th, but I was curious to see how my tarot deck would describe the energy and theme of this event. 123 more words


Weird Angles: The Sesquiquadrate (135°)

When learning about rarer angles, I’ve come to realize that the best way to really grasp the message is through observing  how it works in real life (particularly through synastry, since it’s sometimes harder to study objectively when you’re focusing on your own natal chart). 363 more words


Kaypacha's Weekly Pele Report

We’ve been told that we are separate, it’s either me or you,
There’s not enough for everyone, we’ll never make it through,
This mindset of division, has robbed me of my strength, 90 more words


Mercury in Taurus

Mercury moves into Taurus - April 23rd until May 7th

The mental energy is shifting into more grounded Taurus, and has left fast-moving Aries. We still can be a bit dramatic, but more emotional. 184 more words


Libra Lunar Eclipse: My Experience

For astrologers, an eclipse is usually seen as a beacon marking the beginning or the end of a phase in one’s life. It can bring unexpected meetings, ideas, successes, or failures — of course, how we experience these eclipses vary greatly from person to person. 797 more words



The highlight this week is a DOUBLE EARTH SNAKE solar eclipse at 11:14 pm PDT on April 28! Monday is an Earth Snake day, and this new Moon begins the lunar month of the Earth Snake. 606 more words

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