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Chronic smoking can affect your posture

A new study has found that chronic cigarette use affects your posture because it affects the brain systems. Postural instability is pretty common among alcohol dependent (AD) individuals, because alcohol damages that parts of the brain systems that maintain postural stability. 210 more words


Mens Seiko Astron GPS Watch

The Astron is the world’s first watch to incorporate solar powered technology and GPS functionality to produce a watch that can pinpoint your location and identify your exact time, anywhere on earth. 62 more words


Targeting mosquito sperm can help combat malaria

Scientists have discovered a way of reducing the fertility of malaria-carrying mosquitoes by targeting an enzyme that protects their sperm, potentially providing a new tactic to combat the disease. 368 more words


Study Shows Autism Begins During Pregnancy

Emerging research presents new evidence that autism begins during pregnancy.

Investigators analyzed 25 genes in postmortem brain tissue of children with and without autism. These included genes that serve as biomarkers for brain cell types in different layers of the cortex, genes implicated in autism and several control genes. 638 more words


The weed that causes cancer may well kill it

SYDNEY: Tobacco has been associated with and much maligned for causing cancers. Researchers have now found that the tobacco plant’s defence mechanism could well work in humans to destroy invading cancer cells. 144 more words


Cocoa may help resist obesity, type-2 diabetes: Study

Researchers found that cocoa, the basic ingredient in chocolate and one of the most flavanol-rich foods, can actually prevent people from gaining excess weight and lower blood sugar levels. 104 more words


Diseases can be cured if diagnosed early

Around 600 million people worldwide have some kind of kidney ailment and chronic kidney diseases are predicted to increase by 17 per cent over the next decade if not detected early, said a nephrologist in Mumbai on Thursday. 258 more words