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I liked today’s daily prompt because I’m a morning person. My routine is to get up at (I know it’s a weird time) 5:18. We alternate: one day we either walk the neighborhood or go to the gym and walk on the treadmill; the next day we work out with weights at home. 117 more words

Astronomy Professional Development

Another quick post to let you know about an exciting Astronomy Teacher Professional Development program happening on October 10, 2014 at ScienceworksMuseum Victoria… 164 more words


The universe is mindbogglingly large!

I found some fun youtube videos about the scale of the universe. Check them out!

This one below was written for the 365 days of Astronomy podcast.




It is amazing when the whole universe lines up for you to see beautiful things with a naked eye, in August there are always several events that you really shouldn’t miss, like big moons or meteor showers but right now just focus on one thing: when you wake up in the morning make sure to look at the sky and search for big shiny stars… They are actually Jupiter and Venus (you’ll find them near the sun). 6 more words


The big rip

When the word first got out that the expansion of the universe was accelerating, many astronomers questioned the results. They felt that the observations must be wrong, or the interpretation must be flawed.

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Deep Universe Fact