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Big Black Holes Can Block New Stars

Massive black holes spewing out radio-frequency-emitting particles at near-light speed can block formation of new stars in aging galaxies, a study has found.
The research provides crucial new evidence that it is these jets of “radio-frequency feedback” streaming from mature galaxies’ central black holes that prevent hot free gas from cooling and collapsing into baby stars. 631 more words


Celebrating the New Moon - Oct 2014

Ancient people’s considered the Moon to be a deity. For the Romans, she was the goddess Luna, while for the Norse and Anglo Saxons, he was the god Mani or Mona. 409 more words


Wikipedia articles of interest

(A minor note: These days when I’m randomly browsing wikipedia and not just looking up concepts or terms found in the books I read, I’m mostly browsing the featured content on wikipedia. 3,050 more words


If I could fly I'd pick you up, I'd take you into the night and show you a love like you've never seen - ever seen.

And I would wait till the end of time for you
And do it again, it’s true
I can’t measure my love
There’s nothing to compare it to…

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Catatan - 2 benda bermasalah

Maksud tulisan ini adalah ingin sedikit membahas masalah dua benda (two-body problem) atau lebih tepatnya gravitational two-body problem. Kita tahu bahwa solusi dari gerak 2 benda dalam pengaruh gravitasi adalah gerak Keplerian, dimana dua benda akan saling mengorbit satu sama lain, dan bentuk orbitnya hanya ditentukan oleh energi () dan momentum sudut (). 219 more words


#8 Must-See Solar Dynamics!

Most of astronomy takes place during the night, when only the dedicated are willing to get out of the house and take a peek. During the day, the sun scatters light throughout the atmosphere, drowning out the stars and coloring the sky with blue light (the wavelength of visible light that scatters the most easily). 1,850 more words