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Coming Up Dry

Without question, one of the main topics of interest in planet hunting, is the search for an Earth-like equivalent planet. Whether it exists in a solar system similar to our own or orbits a sun as a solitary figure, we want to find Earth Mark II. 721 more words


Do we really want to find other worlds and people like us?

More Eyes are on the Skies. The future, it is often said, belongs to those who plan for it. And astronomers have been busy working the proverbial smoke-filled rooms, crisscrossing one another in airports on fund-raising trips. 19 more words

Of dark matter and new eyes on galaxy structure

Two of my articles went live over the weekend, but I don’t have time to summarize them separately on this blog, so you’ll have to go read ‘em yourself. 310 more words


Big Mystery in the Perseus Cluster (3:42)

▶ Big Mystery in the Perseus Cluster – YouTube.

A mysterious X-ray signal from the Perseus cluster of galaxies, which researchers say cannot be explained by known physics, could be a key clue to the nature of Dark Matter.


Professional Level Boules

The sport of boules, has been found by researchers to be one of the most demanding in terms of particle physics.

” The way that the balls form certain collisions with one another, whilst making complex balances of gravity and circular motion is why we have deemed boule to be significant in the field of physics.” 82 more words


From NASA/ESA Hubble: "Galaxy gets a cosmic hair ruffling"


28 July 2014
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From objects as small as Newton’s apple to those as large as a galaxy, no physical body is free from the stern bonds of gravity, as evidenced in this stunning picture captured by the… 364 more words

Basic Research

Colliding Worlds 4: Science fiction

Wellcome Collection recently hosted Colliding Worlds, an event exploring the extraordinary research of Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, in the thought-provoking context of a conversation with curator and art critic… 457 more words

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