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Finnish researchers discover new type of black hole

Researchers at the University of Turku, in cooperation with international colleagues, have identified a new type of low-mass black hole. The type now discovered is a bright celestial object that emits x-rays. 203 more words


Israel as a Divine Council, Part 5: The Camp of Israel and the Court of Heaven

Were the terms of the Covenant and the distinctive mark of the number seventy the only evidence that Israel was intended to be a replacement Divine Council, it would be remarkable enough, but as we continue to search the Scriptures, we find still greater proofs in the design of the camp of Israel in the days of the Exodus. 1,940 more words

Messianic Judaism

Today's transits - October 30, 2014 - Thursday

All positions at Noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                  Aquarius @ 03 deg.
Sun                       Scorpio @ 07 deg.

Mercury             Libra @ 18 deg.
Venus                 Scorpio @ 08 deg. 24 more words


Evidence Builds for Dark Matter Explosions at the Milky Way’s Core

This Fermi map of the Milky Way center shows an overabundance of gamma-rays (red indicates the greatest number) that cannot be explained by conventional sources. 867 more words


It has Been a Long Time

Since I posted anything new. I have had some hospitalization and I ended up living in a retirement community for military veterans at a CalVets facility that is located at the VA grounds in West Los Angeles. 88 more words

Mars and Jupiter at Odds - Heliocentric That Is

Friday October 31st the planets Mars and Jupiter are aligned in an arrangement known as heliocentric opposition. The two planets are on opposite sides of the Sun and are approximately 180o apart in heliocentric longitude as measured around the celestial equator. 109 more words


Two Ways to Truth

Many of us have looked up at the night sky and felt a sense of awe and wonder before the universe. This experience made Revd Dr Rodney Holder… 758 more words

Awe And Wonder