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Glad Its FRIDAY - August 22nd,2014

My Morning: I woke up this morning feel better than what I felt like the previous day but I totally felt unmotivated to do anything school related. 1,012 more words

Sharing With You

Spontaneous Combustion and College Classes

The true feel of college is starting to sink in. For example, last night we had a spontaneous rooftop pool party at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. 471 more words


Two Years Ago

Its August 21st, today marks the two year anniversary of my move to Arizona. Its been two years since I got off of that Southwest Airlines flight and experienced quickly how hot it could be in the desert. 641 more words


Personal Symbol

I am a wearer of many hats. I’m a D+A type person and this is what makes me the doer and the wearer of many hats. 99 more words


A Day in the Clouds: Cerro Campana & the Failed Quest for New Bees

Not long after the ASU undergrads departed Panama, Sal Anzaldo (the other course TA and grad student in the Franz lab at ASU) and myself decided to take a research trip to Cerro Campana, an area near the popular cloud forest destination El Valle de Anton. 354 more words

ASU Student Research Projects Showcase II

I’ve been a bit slow on getting blog posts out since the conclusion of the ASU Undergrad course in Panama. As soon as they left, field work picked up tremendously. 1,283 more words

Traveling in Wisconsin (June 17-July 1st)

Dear Bloggers,

I apologize for the long delay.  I have been busy getting ready for my second year of the Master’s program, which starts tomorrow. For now, I will bring you up to speed from what happened after Day Two of being in Wisconsin. 522 more words