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ASU Bachelor's/Master's Program Help Students Soar Above Their Competition

Most students allot their first four years of college strictly to obtaining their undergrad, using the time to feel for the programs that are best suited to their interests. 218 more words


The pros and cons of the Phoenix Light Rail

“I’m fine with diversity,” Kody Acevedo said. “But there are some times where I get kind of nervous; I have to be alert about what’s going on.”

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Valley Metro U-Pass brings public transportation to college students

For college students in the greater Phoenix area, living at home is a cost-effective solution to high on-campus living fees. But living at home leads to a different problem: commuting. 261 more words


Home Away From Home?

At the Downtown Phoenix Campus, students of many majors can be found walking around in Taylor Mall, in the UCENT, Nursing or Cronkite buildings, or eating at the various venders that are offered to them. 239 more words

Harry Potter Presentation: Hermione

[LC] This talk by Prof JBH was given in Jan 2013 for SkeptiCamp Phoenix. The video for his presentation is available here… 60 more words

Harry Potter

Two Hunger Games Presentations

I can’t help comparing The Hunger Games to the two landmark, but very different, dystopias, Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. This is in large part because of Neil Postman, who examined the effects of television on American society in his oft-cited work, … 258 more words



Halloweenin lähestyessä monet miettivät naamiaisasuja, ehkäpä myös koirilleen. Olen huomannut, että koirien omistajat jakautuvat tämän asian suhteen kahteen eri koulukuntaan. Niihin, jotka voivat pukea koirilleen kaikkia ihania ja söpöjä asuja pitseineen, hörhelöineen ja glittereineen. 409 more words