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Silence that begs to be broken (and fixed)

We have been in Paraguay only a short time, relatively, so I can’t presume to know much about the country and its people, but we do have impressions that have raised questions. 437 more words


Asunción: Drinking Tereré in the Park

In Paraguay, sharing the national drink tereré is not just a thirst quencher. It is a social and cultural experience. Tereré is also seen as medicine. 363 more words


Paraguay: the "other" south american country

From Iguazu, we decided to head into Paraguay.
We’d read that most travellers skip past Paraguay, and certainly we hadn’t met anyone who’d been there before, so with memories of our fantastic trip to Albania – another place no one goes to – we decided Paraguay might be another unknown gem and definitely warranted checking out. 907 more words


A little bit of Paraguay and Brazil

To get back to Argentina we continued with our epically long bus journey tradition and took a combination of buses from Cusco, straight through Bolivia to Salta in North Argentina with our only stop being in La Paz to watch the world cup final. 1,019 more words


The Challenges of Targeting Uncommon Bottomfish Species in CNMI Waters

Bottomfish Bio-sampling from the Small Boat on the NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette Cruise (SE-14-04 Legs I and II) to the Northern Mariana Islands

The expression “well that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching” is something a friend or a spouse might say to support and cheer-up a weary angler from a long day on the water with little or nothing to show for it. 1,098 more words

Scientific Operations

Just how 'natural' are natural disasters? Examples from Latin America

Latin America and Caribbean are especially vulnerable to natural disasters, but human interference can affect the overall impact of disasters, with climate change being the biggest manmade influence on disasters. 1,703 more words


Dead people and soccer. (Football. Whatever.)

Emily’s currently trying to fix a vase of dying flowers. I have tried to explain that death isn’t something that one can generally fix, but she’s quite determined. 515 more words