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Just how 'natural' are natural disasters? Examples from Latin America

Latin America and Caribbean are especially vulnerable to natural disasters, but human interference can affect the overall impact of disasters, with climate change being the biggest manmade influence on disasters. 1,703 more words


Dead people and soccer. (Football. Whatever.)

Emily’s currently trying to fix a vase of dying flowers. I have tried to explain that death isn’t something that one can generally fix, but she’s quite determined. 515 more words


Campo bingo and one last bus ride.

We’re sitting in the common room of the hostel in Asuncion, watching ridiculous YouTube videos, because apparently that’s what Peace Corps volunteers do on their free time.* 476 more words


Paraguay Series: The Fastest Way To Blend In

My first time in Paraguay my wife made me a custom set for drinking Tereré. The standard “equipment” is the thermos, a guampa (the cup, sometimes made from leather, wood, or a horn from a animal horn) and a straw (bombilla, usually gold or silver in color with a spoon-shaped filter at the bottom to filter out the tea from going up the straw) 457 more words


Paraguay Series: Night And Day Difference

Driving down these lonely roads, one can’t imagine that this is actually the city’s center. Where are all the people? The cars, the traffic, the street vendors hawking pirated DVD’s, sunglasses, windshield wipers? 463 more words


A Flood of Freedom in Asunción

Having gone for a walk the day after celebrating America’s independence, all I really found was traces of fireworks and what I am guessing is a pigeon taken out by a firework (by accident or on purpose is only a guess).   272 more words


Paraguay floods offer flash of what could lie ahead

Weeks of incessant rainfall have caused major rivers in Paraguay to burst their banks, with hundreds of thousands evacuated. But with El Niño on the way, worse is to come. 1,286 more words