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Yoga Guna

This is not an exhaustive post on the gunas as related to Yoga in the Gita.

Here Sri Aurobindo aligns guna to yogic aspiration in a more subtle manner. 533 more words

Anime movie review #1: Asura (2012)

Set in Feudal Japan during one of its greatest civil wars, a mother abandons her son(Asura), who becomes a feral outcast in order to survive the desolate landscape. 340 more words

Japanese Anime

Reading to write

Dear Void

I am starting off. Yes, it IS time. I will not dwell on why it has taken this long. That self-psychoanalysis is reserved for another day – one where I am feeling more introspective and self-destructive. 1,096 more words

Book Review

Sensing Anger (Haiku)

sensing anger   
the dove holds me with its eyes -   
my jaw relaxes   

(c) Paloma
(Jen R – Blog It Or Lose It)

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Theological Thorsday: From Aśura to Æsir and Deva to Vanir

Welcome back to another installment of Theological Thorsday! Where every week we bring you another musing on religion both modern and (pre)historic.

This week I will be examining the connections between the Norse deities we all know and love and their cousins on the Indian sub-continent. 540 more words

Theological Thorsday

Asúra Napja és Noé Pudingja

Mint minden muszlim országban, így ma Egyiptomban is Asúra napja volt, amit a legtöbben böjtöléssel illetve a napról elnevezett édesség készítésével töltöttek. Az iszlám hidzsri naptár szerinti első hónap 10. 1,259 more words