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Today, I’m going to write about why my wordpress handle is Asuraditya.

You’ll need to know two different stories for this.

Here is the first one: 471 more words

Agni Varuna Rudra Are Asuras

There is a conception that the terms Asura and Rakshasas are interchangeable.

These terms evoke the images of Demons and Evil Doers.

The Rakshasas are said to have been born of… 299 more words


SUMMER : Compiled by DJ Zen ::: The new psychill compilation from Altar Records out now!

::: SUMMER : Compiled by DJ Zen :::

The new psychill compilation from Altar Records out now!




Altar Records is ready to release “Summer“! 231 more words

New Releases

On Paradoxes

Is it not interesting how paradoxical certain aspects of life are?

Like true power is gained by empathy and modesty… yet politicians seem not to have learned that lesson.. 60 more words

a mask making workshop

“…Asuras who live under the earth…are hostile to humans and hence deemed demons.” Jaya: an illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik.

Last month, I participated in a Cherial Mask Making workshop, conducted by National Award-winning Artist M. 100 more words


Natural Vishnu Temple in Grand Canyon

The formation of Rock in Grand Canyon is called the Vishnu Temple.

And there are formations called Shiva, Rama Temples.

The Theory is some Geologists were in the habit of naming ancient natural formation after… 1,010 more words


We are all comrades here, all those of us who enjoy freedom and who inspire the people...

I am merely a mortal muse, I do have being beyond these words (as do my alternate selves on other Earths),

Unlike the celebrity Prez of America I am not some blank screen you can project your dreams and thoughts about me onto, I have substance beyond such illusions, 220 more words