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It kind of feels like we live in a generation of reboots. It seems to me every big new film, tv show or especially recently, video game, is a reboot of some sort; or at least the foundation of most new things are old; whether it be stories, characters etc. 353 more words

Modern Games

Time spent with the Beetletun locals

Tamini. A tribe of centaurs. They used to be nomads, wanderers across the fields of Tyria. Now they are united under one banner by the Modniir, just like the siege weapon builders the Harathi. 917 more words

Guild Wars


I’m not really familiar with the god Asura or his properties but it’s the name that came to me when I drew this picture. I was thinking: young, fierce, demon king…and I like what I got.


Asura's Wrath

Let’s start things off with A.  For Asura.  And Wrath.



Let's Talk: with Anand Neelakantan (Author of Asura: Tale of the Vanquished, Ajaya: Book 1: Roll of the Dice )

Today we are very happy to have Anand Neelakantan to be in conversation with us in a yet another segment of Let’s Talk. His debut book… 1,819 more words

Let's Talk

Reyhann (Day 13)

Reyhann is an Asura.  She is a guardian and a new one at that.  She just graduated from the academy and is just now getting out into the field.   298 more words

Americas The Patala Of Hinduism Mayas Hindus

I read an interesting article while researching for proof on the Vedic India encompassed the entire world.

I have posted quite a few articles on the Ancient Kingdoms of India with Time line,names,The Dynasties List and the existing archeological proof for the statement that Bharatvarsha extended throughout the world. 847 more words