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Steam Wars

Steampunk and Star Wars are perhaps two of the nerdiest things ever created. Throw the two together and the resultant nerdicity is so high that space itself dons a pare of thick rimmed glasses and talks through its adenoids for a bit. 74 more words


All Terrain Awesomeness (Twice!)

The Steam Wars madness on FBTB rages on! In the previous round, the eight competitors had to Steampunkify a walker. Rolli and markus1984, both German, members of Eurobricks and incredibly talented builders, both choose for the AT-AT. 203 more words


Star Wars Ice Cube Tray from Lakeland

Another item from Lakeland that featured the Millennium Falcon was this “Star Wars Ice Cube Tray“. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come as just the Falcon but as a single tray featuring the Death Star, AT-AT and Star Destroyer. 32 more words

Star Wars

Classic Paintings Are Better With Pop Culture Monsters Added In

German artist Oliver Wetter has an ongoing series called “The Ancient Kaiju Project” where he takes classic paintings and cleverly inserts pop culture monsters into them such as an AT-AT, Kaiju’s like Godzilla and more.

source: laughingsquid

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek in the skies over San Francisco

In a long running who’s better battle, the folks over at IGN created a seriously cool video featuring a showdown between the Imperial Forces of the Star Wars universe and the most recognized Federation Starship, the U.S.S. 102 more words

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