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Cooking with the kids

As a function of the way our days work, since I leave early before the kids are even dressed, I get home first with the kids and often while they are eating their snack after school, I will be starting to prepare dinner. 313 more words


The Day I Shopped Again

I fell off the wagon.  On June first of this year I decided to forgo shopping in an attempt to curtail my materialistic urges.  I started out with the good intention as I abstained from buying anything except the bare essentials all throughout summer.  372 more words

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The Ramen Contest

Why would two moms who conscientiously try to feed their children healthy, all natural diets feed their young children instant ramen which is chock full of artificial flavors and sodium? 200 more words

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Eating Jajangmyun

Eating jajangmyun without getting it all over you is near impossible.

Jajangmyun is a popular dish in Korea and is especially a favorite among kids. Jajangmyun is actually a Korean-Chinese dish, a Chinese noodle dish adopted by Koreans, that is made with fried black bean sauce and noodles. 179 more words

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Getting to Know Each Other

We interrupted their time together to take some pictures.
Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Notes: Cocomong and Pororo are popular Korean children’s shows. 95 more words

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