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Hey..have you heard this one?

1st December 2014

Another Sea Day…or just a rumour?

Cruise ships are one of the greatest places in the whole of the civilised world for rumours, which range from the simply obvious to the incredibly and unbelievably ridiculous. 431 more words


St Lucia...rollercoaster to Mamiku

16th November 2014

St Lucia…one Piton or two?

We have very fond memories of previous trips to this lush green island. It’s friendly people, beautiful vistas and pristine beaches could make the weariest of travellers find a new lease of life. 552 more words


Grenada...Mt Carmel Hike

15th November 2014

Grenada…Nice n Spicey!

Last time we were here it was a Sunday and most of the town stayed shut. But not today and as the ship docked you could almost hear the surrounding area whirring and revving into action (a few crunching gears could be detected as well, but maybe that was just some of the passengers starting to move about) 607 more words


European SA weekends away

I studied in London, so these are thought out based on that – but Europe is so small that this is a good list for most of the continent. 602 more words

Study Abroad

"Ship Time"

Taking it “by and large,” as the sailors say, we had a pleasant ten days’ run from New York to the Azores islands—not a fast run, for the distance is only twenty-four hundred miles, but a right pleasant one in the main. 605 more words