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A Birthday Hike

Whenever I find myself at home for awhile, my favorite activity is to get out into the woods I hold so dearly. My parents taught my sister and I to appreciate the Earth by getting out into it and taking care to notice it’s beauty. 151 more words

Appalachian Trail

Prepping for our first hike together

This two day trip is our first hike together but not our first hiking/backpacking/camping experience overall. We aren’t experienced by any-means but we aren’t complete amateurs. 450 more words

Appalachian Trail

Dress Like a Girl at the Office

By: Vicky Sullivan


Fashion, like art, often mirrors key occurrences in society. In the 80s, when women first started having the same opportunities as men in the workforce, women’s fashion began to resemble the physique and style of a man. 226 more words

Jell-O legs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Atlanta has so much to offer a girl like me. There are first-class restaurants, eclectic bars, parks galore, and a tour of pretty much any downtown establishment. 1,039 more words

Midwesterner Meets The South

Twiter Weekly Update 19.Jul.2014 - 25.Jul.2014

Playing EVE Online. http://t.co/1BSCl3h46p ->
E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 12.Jul.2014 – 18.Jul.2014" http://t.co/yhhomP22QO ->
Playing EVE Online. http://t.co/1BSCl3h46p ->
The worst thing about living here in Redneck central is that the only thing…