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Its weird..

Whenever i think of Alvin Teo Shu Ming, chandelier boy’s face popped up. I haven think of chandelier boy for a very very very long time. 142 more words


We made up.

Over 2 tarts and more things to quarrel about. And the rest of the 3 brothers plus 1 is disgusted, with us.

Well he proposed the idea, so okay lor. 796 more words


Where we've been // days 10-16

Day 10 – zero day in Hiawassee. We hung out chatting, doing yoga on a lovely non-dirt floor, and eating. There was pulled pork, baked beans, homemade fries, and coleslaw. 190 more words

Appalachian Trail

Been Working / Project X

Hey guys!

You may or may not have noticed, that Technology Panda, has not released anything for a while. We would like to say why. Firstly, Winner at Life, is being cancelled. 207 more words

Underground Railroad

Aside from getting my glasses repaired, one of yesterday’s highlights was staying at the Pine Grove Furnace Iron Master’s Hostel. The mostly restored 1820′s house is huge even by today’s standards. 129 more words

Tapas on the trail

No, I don’t mean tapas the food. Though that would be great. I mean the yoga kind: spiritual fire, endurance, withstanding. I thought I knew what that was all about before I came out here–getting up early to meditate, doing some yoga every day, not saying the snarky thing I really want to. 695 more words

Appalachian Trail