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#TBT - Jungle Brothers feat. Vinia Mojica - Acknowledge Your Own History

Let’s start this off chronologically. It’s 1989 and Ms. Mojica is still in high school and she links up with The Jungle Brothers and records her hip-hop debut with this joint. 57 more words


#TBT - Apache - Gangsta Bitch

Apache releases his debut single with an anthem for all of us lonely thugs in the world proclaiming we need a “boogie” that’s “strapped but lovable, hateful but huggable.” Hopefully the fellas out there toasted the new year with a gangsta boogie…and to all the gangsta boogies out there…hollllllllaaaaaa.


ATCQ - 1nce Again (Dusty Feathers Remix)

Amsterdam based producer, Dusty Feathers‘ remix of ATCQ’s classic ‘1nce Again’ is one of those tracks that will have you seeking that aux port wherever you go, play it for everyone you know, your friends, colleagues, grandparents, everyone!!! 34 more words

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My Issue with QTip....FYI HIP-HOP is Dead

I have been contemplating how to begin this since I first read Q-Tips misguided tweets to Iggy Azalea. Q-Tip is an ICON and Hip-Hop royalty, period but a broke clock is right at least twice a day, so he is not immune from this work. 1,336 more words