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Season of Ichigo Daifuku

This is a cheap one

(“苺” ichigo, “大福” daifuku)


I can’t get half-price bento today

300 yen (tax included)

Mucinex D

I’ve been sick all week (and, uh, busy the last year, hence the gap since my first and only post) and so congested that I basically felt like I was choking on my own mucous. 136 more words


Oh yay!

Bento’s half price

Yeeeeeee YAY!

(199 yen)

What I Ate Wednesday!

So The Balanced Blonde has this amazing idea where she posts what she ate during the day, every Wednesday! Hence the title “What I Ate Wednesday!” I’m so in love with the idea and I was thinking I’m going to start doing it too. 95 more words


Simple (and/or poor?)

Simple yakisoba

With only katsuo-bushi (pieces of dried bonito?)

I’m lazy for cooking (and I’m very poor, recently)