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Dutch kitchen: ossestaartsoep (oxtail soup)

I am actually not sure whether this really is Dutch kitchen, but, for me it is. Until yesterday, I only had this at home, made by my mother. 348 more words


Late lunch?

One cup ramen + a piece of baumkuchen = under 200 yen
(At a convenient store)

Recent favorite is seafood (シーフード) noodle (ヌードル)

Mosselen met spek, mussels with bacon

Last summer, we spent a week in Yport, a little village at the French coast (Normandy). We had fish or sea fruit every single day, because it was so fresh and so good. 380 more words


Zombies Ate My Phone

Battle your way through zombies, werewolves, mummies and more! It’s time to choose which friends you save and which friends you don’t!
Visit the shop to unlock and upgrade your selection of weapons, including exploding teddy bears, electric guitars, and even a few classic vinyl…