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Basically, run!

Basically, run!

Marvin Fausto is an Atenean alumnus with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Engineering. He gave a talk on the ‘Best Practices driven by Personal Experience’ which really inspired the audience. 363 more words


Cardinal Quevedo: Church's shared mission of portraying God's love, justice and peace

Cardinal Orlando Quevedo, Archbishop of Cotabato in southern Philippines accepted Sept. 16 the Bukas Palad (open hands) Award from the Jesuits’ Ateneo de Manila University. In his response, he reminded people attending the special school convocation that every member of the Church shares in the “common mission” of showing others that God loves them and plans to let truth, justice and peace prevail. 685 more words

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Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

Why You gotta be so Rude?

     Ateneo Entablado’s play Apir Disapir portrays the ostracization and marginalization of society to a certain character due to a specific set of characteristics and events. 680 more words


Wanna Be a Filipino?

Wanna be a Filipino?
A Counter Proposal essay on Herdy Yumul’s Who Wants to be a Filipino?

     Who wants to be a Filipino? I certainly don’t. 401 more words


Ateneo - FEU: The Greatest Escape

Nope, I’m not talking about the Filipino peacekeepers who fought Al Queda operatives who surrounded them for three days and escaped under cover of darkness. That is truly heroic and commendable. 501 more words


Why wake up when September ends when September is exciting?

This weekend has been such a – forgive the overused pun – roller coaster ride of emotions. Longer blog post to follow, but here’s a few bullet points to summarize life for the past week: 212 more words

Catholic Women educators weigh in on discussion of Filipino family ahead of synod

Inspired by Pope Francis’ challenge to the Church to “broaden the opportunities for a stronger presence of women in the church,” the Theology Department of the Jesuits’ Ateneo de Manila in Quezon City organized a symposium to  allow women to voice out their perspectives on issues in their field of expertise relevant to situations Filipino families face today. 222 more words

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