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Wand and Blade: Which is fire and which is air?

I think it takes approximately two seconds of reading any two different pagan books to realize that one chunk of the community associates the athame with fire and the wand while another chunk hold that the athame is air and the wand is fire.  1,471 more words

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Ritual Tools

Its always exciting to receive a new ritual tool or item.  For many, these things represent Deity and our connection to them.  It is common practice to make your own tools, but in this day and in this day and age many people use the convenience of online shopping to purchase from the wide array of items online.  1,379 more words

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Kearlynne walked across the grasslands and through the towns, quiet and humble in a very odd way. He had been used to tales of the world being full of traffic and a huge population. 2,640 more words