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Tools of the Craft: Athame

The athame is a dagger-like blade that is tied to the element Air or FireĀ and is used to mark a circle when calling the element. 896 more words


Cernunnos and athames - a personal issue

What do you do when your gods tell you that something in your tradition is wrong?

I have a long-standing relation with a god I call Mr Forester, though he has many names. 888 more words


Don't piss off Krampus: go to Krampusnacht show Dec. 5 at Sidebar

Friday, Dec. 5 Metallomusikum hosts a Krampusnacht concert of black metal blasphemy at The Sidebar. Bands include Dweller in the Valley (Frederick, MD); Ravn (Richmond, VA); … 249 more words