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Choosing and Consecrating Magical Tools

This was a column I wrote for The Pagan Household on May 20th, 2013:

The tools that we work with in ritual are important elements of our workings. 1,290 more words


The Athame Debates

There’s a range of daggers suitable for use as athames at my Dad’s shop: http://www.spiral.org.uk/acatalog/Daggers.html  

Out of all the numerous tools that Wiccans may use in their rituals, the athame seems to be one of the most important – and the most controversial. 978 more words

Rituals & Festivals

The Stunning Athame

An athame is a prime magickal tool used in rituals to channel energy.  It resides in the East as this direction represents mind, thought, and choice, and can be made of metal, bone, wood, or carved stone.   48 more words

The Athame

“Why do you guys use a knife? I thought you didn’t believe in hurting things.”

The knife is called an athame – pronounced a-tha-may – and it is generally a double sided blade with a black handle, but some may use one that “calls to them” or “just feels right.” Most consider the Athame, to be a tool of center, of self, and of evocation. 129 more words