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Brakke, Athanasius and the Politics of Asceticism (1995)

David Brakke, Athanasius and the Politics of Asceticism (1995)

Thesis: “Athanasius’ embrace of ascetic Christians and their values strengthened his political position and helped him to build an Egyptian Church more dependent on the Alexandrian episcopate. 778 more words

The King is Coming

Recently a member of our congregation was sharing with me how she was having a difficult time getting property insurance for a piece of property because the insurance company considered the home vacant. 716 more words

The Dying Prayer of St. Athanasius

The title of this prayer of Athanasius notwithstanding, here is a prayer for all the days of our lives.  May the Lord bless you all today. 148 more words


The Influence of the Early Church in the Formation of the Canon (History of the Bible, part 10)

Growing up,  I was under the impression that history was some far away place that could only be reached through books and grandfathers’ tales, but history is made every day. 812 more words

The History Of The Bible: There And Back Again

Athanasius on Eternal Generation and Christ as Firstborn (Prototokos)

“For the Father and the Son were not generated from some pre-existing origin, that we may account Them brothers, but the Father is the Origin of the Son and begat Him; and the Father is Father, and not born the Son of any; and the Son is Son, and not brother. 292 more words


House Music Challenge 2014

These videos were taken from our house music challenge last Thursday, October 23.

House Becket

House Athanasius

House Boniface

House Columba


St. Athanasius "the Great" of Alexandria

            It feels like writing a piece about a figure to influential as Athanasius in anything less than a full book would fall severely short of doing justice to such an exquisite life. 4,952 more words

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