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Principles Of Parenting In The Vedas Hinduism

Hinduism takes parenting as it takes everything about Life or Death.

It does not accord  Parenting any special place or does it ignore it.

It treats as a routine affair of Life and treats is such. 458 more words


Environment Definition Study In The Vedas Hinduism

Vedas, the unwritten Scripture of The Hindus, do not stop with dealing the theory of God ,Reality.

Though it calls the day-to-day knowledge as transient and not enough to elevate the… 993 more words


Microbiology Darwinism In Ancient Hindu Texts Vedas

Ancient Vedic Indians, during the Vedic period have developed advanced knowledge in Microbiology.

Biology and Surgery were developed and practiced.

They knew the classification of Species… 611 more words


Medical Tourism Advantages – The Confluence of High-Tech Medicine and Traditional Healing

Lifestyle medical tourism, as discussed earlier, includes Western well­ness (spa and state-of-the-art exercise machines), as well as traditional, holistic, and natural therapies. Given the growing demand for such services, those countries that can provide them in abundance have an advantage …

Veda Sutras Vedangas Details

This post is in continuation of the Post Veda essential Details.

Each Veda has Srautha Sutras.

Srautha Sutras explain the Rules for Conducting the Yagas and Yangnas. 222 more words