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Dispelling atheist Arguments: How could a "loving God" send so many people to hell? - Part 1

I’ve heard this argument used by numerous atheists. It comes in a variety of forms but the basic form is summarized by the question: How could an all-loving God sentence so many people hell (i.e., to burn for eternity in torment)? 558 more words


Is Humanism a Religion?

Like other difficult questions, there are no clear answers to the old debate of whether or not Humanism is a religion.  Here the crux of the problem seems to stem from from the question itself using fuzzy terms.   1,771 more words


Welcome to Homosecular

Successful blogs maintain focus. Homosecular’s beat will be the intersection of sexuality and (ir)religion. I’m a gay atheist, and those two identities are substantially interrelated. I’ll explain why, with reference to my personal experiences, at some point in the future. 259 more words


Ignorance and Wisdom

In ignorance, Awareness assumes a body and mind.  In wisdom, the body and mind awaken to pure Awareness.


From sayings of Rupert Spira (modified slightly)


Kicking God to the Curb

One of my favorite Catholic talk show hosts talked about a recent Gallup poll yesterday that reported on recent trends in the acceptability of things that used to be considered immoral and now are accepted as moral. 770 more words