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Religious kids are dumb: fact or fiction? (3 Reasons)

So this study claims to have proved it that religious kids are stupid. Yay! It’s super short, so give it a good read and then come back after the commercial break. 722 more words


The Problem of Evil

If God is both omnipotent and omnibenevolent then there should be no evil in the world. The problem of evil is a philosophy that points this out, and refutes the western idea of God. 214 more words


A realistic understanding of the world

When asked why I believe in Christianity and follow the Bible, among other reasons, I admit that I can’t find an alternative worldview that corresponds with reality as comprehensively as what I find in the true account of Christianity. 204 more words

Christian Worldview

Quranic contradictions!... Again!

So Allah is the dude who permits people to believe in him or not as nothing happens without his permission. The above is literally taken from Quran surah 100 verse 109… 29 more words


Life Quirks As An Open Atheist

I came to grips with not believing in god when I was about 12. At that young age, I really couldn’t comprehend all the variables that would present themselves from that singular statement. 1,029 more words