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God shaped holes in the unlikeliest hearts

When Svetlana Stalin, daughter of Joseph Stalin, history’s greatest mass murderer and leader of the world’s first atheistic state, defected to the West, she said: ‘I found it impossible to exist without God in one’s heart. 103 more words


Each answer leads to new questions

It’s become common to hear people ridicule belief in God as superstition, out of place in an age of science. And yet the idea that the Universe is merely the result an infinite series of mathematically unbelievable accidents is just as much an act of faith. 93 more words



I had today all planned out. I bought dinner back to my room, and I planned on eating it while watching an episode of TV and then working on psychology, bio, and then writing, in that order. 274 more words


I Miss That Feeling of Well Being

I was walking around the neighborhood tonight with my kids. They were having a ball trick-or-treating, while I was as usual being introspective. By the way, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. 395 more words


"No One Believes in Nothing"

“All these people who say you cannot prove faith: guess what? They also believe things on faith. And their faith also cannot be proved.”

–Curtis Smale

Happy Halloween

Today was a really busy day. I spent most of it in the truck, driving around, running errands. I made a special trip to the UP to visit my mom who has been laid up from a surgery. 855 more words


latest interviews on the philosophy of religion(s)

“But is the existence of God just a philosophical question, like, say, the definition of knowledge or the existence of Plato’s forms?” Gary Gutting, NYT…

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