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Violent Vittles

Before I┬ádecide to take this group’s message to heart…

I need to know what I’m letting myself in for.

There are 50 billion eggs produced in the United States. 189 more words


Atheists Can't Be Moral

We get a lot of comments on this blog along the lines of “atheists/you can’t be moral” so I thought I’d link to a well written post about why you shouldn’t say that. 52 more words

Reza Aslan is Wrong

Reza Aslan writing in NYMag:

“I think the principle fallacy…is that they believe that people derive their values, their morals, from their religion. That, as every scholar of religion in the world will tell you, is false.

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Social Commentary

Tumblr Thoughts.

so, I saw this post on tumblr… as I have been known to do. And I had thoughts I figured might be relevant to what I tend to blog about on this facet of my online life. 439 more words


Peter Singer and effective altruism - a critique

Recently I attended a lecture delivered by Peter Singer on, ‘Ethics, Utilitarianism and Effective Altruism’. This event was jointly hosted between the University of Melbourne Secular Society and Melbourne University Philosophy Community. 2,347 more words


Spirituality and the Soul: Life Giving Light

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Spirituality and the Soul: Life Giving Light

By Ruqayyah Dawood

I truly believe atheists cannot be convinced of the truth merely by “logic”- sometimes we have to talk to their hearts and fitrah (natural disposiion). 348 more words