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Atheist Perspective: The Wider Teleological Argument

A shorter post today as I am currently trying to sneak in under a deadline to submit a paper for a conference. One of my larger themes in writing this blog has been philosophical analysis (and admittedly, assault) on the various alleged proofs of the existence of a deity. 459 more words



It really is happening today, in America and around the world. I never really thought it would be as bad as it has become here, but it is getting worse. 442 more words

Successful Living

The Journey Begins

I want to share the steps of my journey. Feel free to comment. Thanks!

I’ve been keeping a journal of my journey and the following was my first entry. 888 more words

Conservatives are gay

When conservatives accuse LGBT rights activists of trying to turn everyone into homosexuals, I can’t help but chuckle. They say that homosexuality is a sinful temptation that must be resisted, and that if gay rights were to move forward, more people would become gay. 89 more words


That's What He Said; Here's What He Told Us

Roman Catholic and Intelligent Design proponent, Michael Behe, has a son named Leo who has become an atheist although he insists that “I mostly keep it to myself”.   424 more words


"But that's the Old Testament" + "Our laws are based on the 10 Commandments"

So how much of our law is really based on the 10 commandments? Here’s a really long post in two parts. And yes, I haven’t posted in a while. 2,165 more words

Trying to get through some religious books.

I had a difficult time sleeping last night as I was coming out of vacation. At one point I decided to try reading myself to sleep. 556 more words