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Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

About a year before I really began my own journey of doubt, one of my mission compadres (my suggested term for guys from the mission field that you were friends with, but never get to be companions with) posted an open question on facebook to which I posted an honest answer. 1,113 more words

Leaving The Church

Looking for Secular Groups

If you are in an atheist/secular group, I want you. To submit.

That Powerful Agency

We humans are fairly good at analyzing and categorizing how we behave, how we think, how we emote and the patterns involved in our general cognition. 510 more words

Atheism & Freethought

Conversations With Theists

For the record: the evidence for the existence of Hobbits is not Lord of the Rings or Frodo Baggins.

Wishful thinking, also known a faith, is also not evidence.


Anatheism: A Third Way

“The biggest no to theism in our modern era,” writes Richard Kearney, “was not Nietzsche’s philosophical announcement of the death of “God” in 1882 but the actual disappearance of “God” from the world in the concentration camps of Europe in the 1940s.” (58) Following this disappearance, the question, according to John Caputo, is, “Who–or what–comes after the God of metaphysics?” 1,838 more words


Atheism. What you're getting into.

There are many reasons I think that people should abandon their beliefs in the supernatural, but if that happens, you must deal with where to go next. 95 more words