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Perfect Justice

What if we lived in a world where you were tortured for the rest of your life because you were incapable of doing something? Never mind the rest of your life, let’s go all out and just make that for the rest of eternity. 308 more words


Debate: AronRa vs. Matt Slick

AronRa joins Matt Slick on the Bible Thumping Wing Nut (BTWN) Show to discuss Christianity.


The Uniqueness of Christ

Why is Jesus Christ unique in history? What makes His message so distinct and so appealing?
What does He bring that is universal across all languages and ethnicities? 8 more words


Evolution examined and debunked (part 3)

Before moving on to part 3, I want to do a little recap of what we learned in parts 1 and two.

1. If evolution were true, humans are animals and therefore there is no moral obligation to treat humans any differently. 681 more words


Evolution examined and debunked. (part 2)

That’s an original cover for Darwin’s book. Today, the book is called origin of species. Originally it was called:

“On the origin of species by means of natural selection…

788 more words

Totem Soup Science - A Thought Experiment

Sitting here pondering the future of human existence, matters of faith, and science I am made aware all too much of the terrible fate this planet is heading towards. 426 more words

From The Man

Evolution: examined and debunked (part 1)

Darwinian evolution, will it withstand a thorough critique? Let’s find out. Now, since I don’t know the first thing about biology admittedly, I won’t be playing the evidence game. 1,031 more words