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RESPONDblog: Are Jesus' Miracles confirmed outside of the Bible?

Earlier today, someone said this to me:

“There is historical evidence for Jesus crucifixion…but not any of his miracles.”

As those words hit me, I groaned inside. 533 more words

Benjamin Franklin's Faith

I’ve just picked up Moral Minority by Brooke Allen (2006), a book with a simple thesis: The United States, insists Allen, “was not founded on Christian principles.” The bulk of this fairly brief, well-written book is devoted to an examination of the religious views of six of the principle leaders creating the US Constitution: Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton. 874 more words

Can you trust Neil deGrasse Tyson?

It looks like atheist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who likes to posture as if he is the Ambassador of Science, has a track record of fabricating accounts and quotes: 196 more words


Why the switch? Sports to Apologetics: My Testimony

Growing up in the church I was always taught proper morality, the story of Jesus, how to pray, etc., but I was never challenged on my faith. 717 more words



Religious people and their apologizers do that all the time: It is all good and holy when things go well. Until someone gets hurt, of course, or a follower starts doing something they don’t like. 603 more words


Why "Left Behind" Didn't Convert Me

On a sunny day in late spring, a Bible Studies teacher at an Evangelical high school in the American Midwest ducked out of his classroom to make some copies of the homework. 2,137 more words

"I don't know if God exists..."

“I don’t know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn’t.”

- Jules Renard