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My Defense of the Term "Agnostic"

Often on Twitter and even in this blog I have been questioned and/or criticized for my use or definition of the term “agnostic” and “agnosticism.” Some atheists read that I am agnostic and they think that I am “one step away” from becoming an atheist. 1,596 more words


E-book Bargains

Many of the See Sharp Press e-books will be available for 70% to 85% off list price through the end of October from the usual e-book outlets. 167 more words


Biblical Theology...Part 1

In many discussions with Atheists and some Christians I find that many do not have a biblical view and definition of God. So, in this post I will biblically define God and get into the discussion of why he created the angels and the world, specifically Satan and Adam and Eve if he knew they were going to sin. 457 more words


Brief remark on the Ten Commandments

My discussion of the “metaphysics of decency” did not directly follow my “semiotics of the crucifix,” and was indeed intended largely to tie up some loose ends in previous discussions on ethics. 2,038 more words


A conversation with Los Angeles comedian, Ian Harris

Words: You’re involved in MMA. Does your training effect the way you approach being on stage in front of an audience?

Ian: I’ve done MMA shows. 1,941 more words


Debate/Dialogue on ISLAM AND ATHEISM: THINKING ABOUT RELIGION (Peter Slezak & Faraz Nomani)

MDI is proud to feature a video of a debate held in University of New South Wales (Australia) on 26th September 2014, between MDI member, Faraz Nomani and Atheist and professor, Dr Peter Slezak. 251 more words


Atheist Perspective: The Saints of Atheism--Xenophanes

Xenophanes was one of the earlier of the “Pre-Socratic” philosophers. This group, was focused on discussing the source of all things or the “arche.” While their physical descriptions of the world vary considerably, one thing about them that they have in common is that they all denied the existence of the religious pantheon of their time. 776 more words