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Tyson's Response on Facebook

While we are waiting on Tyson to pick just the right place and time for his apology, consider how he was posturing just a few days before… 237 more words


Even Atheists Want Church...

I was looking at a couple of articles I had bookmarked within the last couple of weeks in order to find some inspiration on what to blog.  481 more words


RESPONDblogs: Morality. Is it a GIFT or just the result of EVOLUTION?

My kids have always had a keen sense of what is right and what is wrong.

As twin girls, they grew up together and they did so with little finely tuned radars that instantly detected when one of them was being treated unfairly. 902 more words

Reza Aslan: An Embarrassment

Before I begin, I’ll be a bit unreserved in this post.

Rezal Aslan states that Buddhists are violent? Occasionally. Due to one’s desire for power, tribalism, and many other factors. 408 more words


Hitler and Stalin = Secularism? Think again.

I’d like to defend a popular criticism of Atheism from this point on. It is the claim that Secularists atrocities made by Stalin and Hitler should be taken as serious representatives of Secularism. 679 more words


Can There Be Religion for Atheists?

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty low and, frankly, I still feel pretty bad. But I woke up at 7am and I have the whole day ahead of me. 836 more words