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"God is imaginary"? Really?! Part 30: Examine God's sexism

Is God sexist? Does He prefer men to women? Those are the questions that drive proof 30 from the website “God is imaginary“. 1,040 more words



Imagine an abusive family. Imagine a family that at every opportunity does what they can to tear you down. To scream at you and tell you how everything that happens is your fault. 1,344 more words


I am an Atheist

This week is Good without God awareness week and I want to make some things very clear:

I am an Atheist. I don’t “not believe in anything” or “have faith in nothing”. 281 more words



This post started life as a facebook status. I was told to put it up on here as well. Please enjoy this break from our usual style.  725 more words


Is Life Meaningless?

Is life meaningless?

What kind of meaning do we mean? I suggest that when we consider “the meaning of life,” we have in view at least three concepts: purpose, significance, and value. 2,207 more words


From more science and some mathematics: a god probably exists

While doing Day Matric I’d met and become friends with a girl who had previously been a nurse at the hospital where I eventually did my undergraduate clinical training – a lovely though slightly scatty young woman from the bush who hated nursing alcoholics because, she said, their feet always stank. 1,371 more words