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Growing up in a southern Baptist church, every Easter there were two hymns you had to sing…or you probably weren’t really Baptist. One was “Low in the Grave He Lay”. 1,205 more words


Easter: Matthew's Zombie Invasion and Other Oddities

For those unfamiliar with the gospel attributed to Matthew (it was not actually written by a Matthew, but was written anonymously, and the name was assigned to it later), the resurrection narrative features a full out zombie invasion, as well as plenty of other reason to doubt its reliability. 934 more words


a nugget of fun

After Thomas and I turned off our recorders for the last story I told for Atheistically Speaking, something funny enough to mention happened.

Thomas kept hearing a scratchy sound coming through on my audio. 92 more words


I don’t believe in god.

I wish I knew what it was like to believe in god. I wish I knew what it is like to have faith in all-powerful all-knowing being who controlled the universe.

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