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Book Review - “Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case” by Frank Turek

I had the genuine pleasure of meeting Frank Turek at his three day Cross Examined Instructor Academy (CIA) class at Southern Evangelical Seminary in 2013. In the months that led up to CIA, I carefully read… 1,324 more words


Two Saturdays a Week! + Hell is a Sham

It is Sunday morning. Peaceful. Quiet. Ahhhh.

This morning my younger daughter is at home with me while the others are at church. She’s a little under the weather. 610 more words


Grace With Salt PODCAST Episode 2: Contradictions in the Bible?

Listen to the newest episode of the Grace With Salt official PODCAST.  Episode 2’s main topic is how Christians can answer the supposed contradictions in the Bible.   76 more words


What if we're wrong and there is no God?

A question some atheists will often ask theists is what if we’re wrong? What if there is no God, there is no afterlife, and everything we believed about faith was all wrong. 462 more words


Religions are for weak people -argument

This is a quick and short post about specific atheist reasoning, which I hear once in a while, and to what I’ve self been captive of earlier. 210 more words


Questions? Sure, I Have Questions: Heaven Edition

I think if there is one thing that unites most religionists is a belief in an afterlife.  Generally that afterlife is seen as some kind of paradise, and really wouldn’t most people want to see their loved ones again?   847 more words