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Why Won’t Christians Follow Jesus?

Why aren’t Christians Communists? Why aren’t Christians Communists like the apostles of Jesus Christ were?

Here are the people who, allegedly, knew Jesus. They (allegedly) spoke with him, (allegedly) ate with him, (allegedly) travelled with him, (allegedly) asked him questions, and (allegedly) listened to the answers. 470 more words


A former atheist is speaking out about his new faith in Christ

British author Scott Coren says the birth of his daughter, born with life-threatening problems, led him to God instead of hardening his heart.

Coren tells OneNewsNow that he and his daughter spent months in pediatric intensive care, where he was at the mercy of the doctors. 114 more words


مراجعة كتاب: العنف اللغوي في الدراما المعاصرة (مسودة أولى)

لـ جينيت ر. مالكين


عندما قرأت اسم هذا الكتاب للمرة الأولى لم أهتم به، وأشحت بنظري بعيدا عنه، لكن هناك ما جذبني إليه مرة أخرى، فاستدرت له وتناولته، وأخذت أقلب في فهرسه كما أفعل مع كل كتاب جديد، وفي الحال قررت قراءته.

The Calvary Hill Square Dance

I was watching a documentary a while back in which the fact that some non-European civilisation or other (probably the Inca) practiced human sacrifice was expounded upon in such a way that we, the audience, were obviously supposed to be shocked out of our oh-so-civilised skins. 350 more words


Barred from performing marriages, atheist group sues Washington Co.

A lawsuit asking for atheists to be given the same rights as religious organizations to perform marriage ceremonies has been filed against Washington County.

Nonprofit group Atheists for Human Rights (AFHR) issued the suit after one of its members was denied the right to perform marriages in the county in April, having previously been granted permission in Hennepin, Anoka and Stearns counties, … 332 more words


Responses to the Arguments of Believers: Part VI

Argument 6: People need God. Innately, everyone needs God whether they know it or not.

Response: Do I really need to respond to this one? 238 more words