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Commentatulus - Transubstantiation: Part III


Several topics were brought up as Raskolnikov “began with the forest to understand the trees” as he said, and I would dearly like to address them all specifically. 1,582 more words


Raskolnikov – Transubstantiation: Part II

I realized, shortly after reading Commentatulus’s latest entry in our debate, that I have missed the boat on one particularly relevant bit of definition: transubstantiation, as defined by the Catholic Church’s official doctrine, does not involve any substantial change in the bread and the wine. 2,019 more words

Dagny Taggart - Hobby Lobby

Earlier this week, SCOTUS released the Hobby Lobby decision. The decision has gotten a lot of press (and a lot of facebook posts), and I feel like there’s still a lot of confusion over what the decision actually means. 926 more words


Commentatulus - Transubstantiation: Part II

Before I embark on this installment, I would like to acknowledge my opponent’s sentiment, although I should also like to gently caution against using the word “transubstantiation” to denote the occurrence Protestants believe in regarding communion, simply because it is a very particularly defined term, and words such as “consubstantiation” might be better employed for the task. 1,370 more words


Dagny Taggart - The Problem of the Twelve Disciples

It is commonly known that during the time of the Roman Empire, Romans were brutal towards insurrectionists. When insurrectionists were found, they were publically crucified and their bodies were left to rot as a warning to others. 1,059 more words


Raskolnikov - Transubstantiation: Part I

Allow me to begin by seeking common ground with my Catholic opponent. According to my own experience, I can say that Protestant Christianity does not abandon the idea that communion is sacred and special. 1,609 more words