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Commentatulus - Transubstantiation: Part III


Several topics were brought up as Raskolnikov “began with the forest to understand the trees” as he said, and I would dearly like to address them all specifically. 1,581 more words


Raskolnikov – Transubstantiation: Part II

I realized, shortly after reading Commentatulus’s latest entry in our debate, that I have missed the boat on one particularly relevant bit of definition: transubstantiation, as defined by the Catholic Church’s official doctrine, does not involve any substantial change in the bread and the wine. 2,019 more words

Dagny Taggart - Hobby Lobby

Earlier this week, SCOTUS released the Hobby Lobby decision. The decision has gotten a lot of press (and a lot of facebook posts), and I feel like there’s still a lot of confusion over what the decision actually means. 926 more words


Commentatulus - Transubstantiation: Part II

Before I embark on this installment, I would like to acknowledge my opponent’s sentiment, although I should also like to gently caution against using the word “transubstantiation” to denote the occurrence Protestants believe in regarding communion, simply because it is a very particularly defined term, and words such as “consubstantiation” might be better employed for the task. 1,370 more words