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On Hate Statuses

Like I do almost every day, I began perusing Facebook during my lunch break at work. While the validity of social media is beginning to elude me as I get older (there are only so many baby pictures posted by high-school classmates that one can handle in a day), occasionally, something will catch my eye: Maybe Jezebel is running another article on James Franco’s affinity for nudity, or my high-school physics teacher dumped a bucket of ice water on his head. 813 more words


On Sexism in Atheism and Skepticism


God damn it, I love being an atheist.

I love the skeptical inquiry; I love placing the burden of proof on those who spout their beliefs; I love pointing out the atrocities and injustices perpetuated by some (but not all) religions and some (but not all) theists; I love the sense of community that one finds surrounding atheism. 1,355 more words