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Disbelief 101: Why Expressing Atheism Matters To Me

Most of my friends know me for my deep hatred for my religions. I continuously criticize religious doctrines, participate in debates and overall just talk about atheism. 689 more words

The Big Bang and Other Little Pops

The Big Bang and Other Little Pops
Man is a religious creature. It doesn’t matter if you believe in creation, big bang, little bang or Walmart, man has always looked for answers. 1,108 more words


Review of "Can We Still Believe the Bible?" - Introduction (continued)

This a continuation of my review of “Can We Still Believe the Bible: An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions”, Craig L. Blomberg, Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2014. 1,603 more words


Where does the Institute of Creation Research publish its findings?

I recently came across the post Research at ICR (Institute of Creation Research) written in 2012 by Jason Lisle, PhD. ICR is a young earth creationist organization. 1,581 more words


We all have some explaining to do

I think at times the atheistic and agnostic stances falsely believe they have risen above having to give an accounting for the reality around us. I am not so certain any of us are off the hook from the difficult questions of life. 254 more words


Losing my atheism

It’s gone.

I don’t miss it, either.


Soldier Killed For Being Atheist

By RT.com

Texas authorities announced last month that they had recovered the remains of Jose Ramirez seven years after he went missing. But as the investigation is renewed, they add there is now reason to believe the soldier was killed for being an atheist. 226 more words