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A Study of Appearance in Relation to Love

Some want more than mere appearances… they want reality. I have no idea what reality is, or even is supposed to signify. All that I know is appearance, and all that I ever care about is appearance. 797 more words

In Anticipation of Sam Harris's Newest Book

Sam Harris has already written these five books, all of which I have read. I wasn’t crazy about the first one, but thoroughly enjoyed all the others. 127 more words

Mental Health

Dentists Do Not Exist

“On a recent trip to the dentist, while the dentist was working on my teeth he said to me, ‘I do not believe in God.’ Now this dentist knows what I do for a living and how important my faith is to me, yet for numerous reasons (one main one being his hands were in my mouth) I uncharacteristically remained silent, allowing him to explain: ‘How can God exist and still allow all the suffering and pain in the world?’ I remained quiet until he was finished (and of course put his drill away) and told him that, ‘I do not believe in dentists.’ This confused him greatly so I clarified for him that if there are dentists in the world, how can so many people have broken, infected, and missing teeth? 49 more words


My 2 years of church

I’m an atheist, I’m also a Humanist. So, in 1998 when my then husband realized that he was dying from lack of affordable healthcare and untreated diabetes, he felt the need to get back to his religious roots and start going back to church. 1,859 more words


Systems of Belief: Sin, Part 3

In my first post, I talked about sin as being something harmful. In my second post, I talked about sin as being against God’s Will. 925 more words


I hope you don't mind, your masturbation is public record

Growing up LDS, I had one too many adult males asking about my ‘impure thoughts’ or my masturbation habits. The specific phrase my bishops always used were “Do you have any problems with masturbation?” To which any guilty conscious would obviously answer “NO.” I wasn’t necessarily lying though. 320 more words



This is a sentiment that is good to see and I can easily get behind.