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Faith Is Belief Without Evidence, Says Richard Dawkins

In an article published in The Humanist, Richard Dawkins (the world’s top evangelist for atheism) said, “Faith, being belief that isn’t based on evidence, is the principle vice of any religion.”  The only vice I see in this statement is the vice of ignorance of orthodox Christianity on the part of Mr. 775 more words



The only reason I know something sportsball-like is going on right now is because I can’t watch any YouTube videos without really annoying half time ads right now. 557 more words

Samuel 7-8: Oh, I just can't wait to be King!

Right, last time the Ark got stolen, and then everyone played footsie with it for a while.  It finally made it home to Israel, where God promptly killed 70 Israelite men for accidently looking at it. 869 more words


Losing My Religion...

My parents raised me with a level of piousness that was nauseating. They knew being the child of a deacon and a Sunday school superintendent would cause me to be judged by standards reserved for pastors’ children and gods. 1,129 more words


Why I Spent My Morning in a Kingdom Hall Partying with Jehovah's Witnesses

Okay, even not-so-careful readers of my blog are probably fully aware of the fact that I’m an atheist. (You can read about it more HERE… 809 more words

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Détente, n: The easing of strained relations

It’s my friend Pascal’s word. I guess it’s really anybody’s word, but he was the first in my circle to use it in the context I’m writing about. 1,768 more words

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On Friday evening, Pascal and his lovely wife did something amazing. They opened their home and invited me, my wife (CC from The Counterfeit Christian), and six other people (including their oldest son and a couple that we'd only previously met as bloggers here) to sit down with food, wine, and fellowship. We each listened intently to those with sometimes similar, and sometimes wildly different world-views — but we did so with gentleness and respect. Free from hostility we were able to be open and vulnerable. This environment was very refreshing and led to real connections. We were each advocates of the legitimacy of our adversaries as people, which often led us to legitimize one another's point of view. CC wrote about her experience that night in this excellent post that I'm reblogging. When Pascal and I started the online adventure that is russellandpascal.com, we hoped it could grow to be more than a blog. Gentleness and respect was and is more than a tag-line — its a recipe for understanding and friendship. Our meetings originally started across a physical breakfast table and continue there. The blog is just one medium of our communication. We wanted the meaning behind the blog to be a movement that reached into lives of people. CC describes a ripple effect in her post, and that's a bit like what's happened here. This blog is just another tiny pebble dropping in the pond. We didn't start the ripple, it's been emanating for thousands of years — but we do want to join it. We hope that each of you will take it to your own communities and the effect will grow. Pascal decided to call this meeting a détente, which means the easing of hostility or strained relations. It's now a monthly affair. Consider opening your homes and lives to those of different points of view in your own détente. Questions If someone cared enough to invite you to a meeting like this, would you go? Why or why not? Would you consider hosting a détente of your own? Why or why not? Gentleness and respect, —Russell