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Why Ask Why, Drink Bud Dry

This is just a little bit of a teaser for the review I’m trying to write of “Why Is There Anything”, by Matthew Rave.  Jim Holt’s solution in the TEDx video above is a bit different from Matthew Rave’s, but they are both critical of Lawrence Krauss’ solution.   505 more words


I think I'll be Pastafarian this week

“The fact that many see this is as a satirical religion doesn’t change the fact that by any standard one can come up with, our religion is as legitimate as any other.  472 more words


Yes Virginia, There Is a Jesus

So I’ve written before about being an atheist who loves Christmas, even the religious aspects of it, and tonight I want to take another crack at explaining why, inspired in parts by a conversation I had today with my mom, … 711 more words

One Atheist And The Holidays Of The Religious

If you are a believer in some religion reading this or cringing as you do so, no need to. I am writing it with an intent to NOT be offensive but be true to my own beliefs as well. 602 more words

The Q Fragments: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Andrew dropped his pack on the sandy floor and knelt to get a closer look.

“Well, is it?” Walker asked.

“A body? Yeah, I think so. 1,851 more words


Pastor Arrested For Sexual Abuse; Church Not Concerned About Victim

Tommy Lynn Bailey, a pastor from Altus, Oklahoma has been accused of sexually abusing a girl from his congregation at Elm and Hudson Church of Christ. 587 more words


Two new chapters from God Story/Wigan (4+5)

Chapter Four – His World #2

Distant thunder rolls across the land. He enjoys the boom as he watches floods of rain soak his land. Over many, many years he has made this land green and pleasant and able to support the lives he chooses. 626 more words