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A Poem: The shame of religion

Here is another poem from the Reverend Andy.

The shame of religion

What do we stand for, what do we seek?
Power and wealth to bring the world to its feet… 171 more words


Freedom Of Speech?

I’ve been watching the news. I’ve been paying attention. Still I’m confused. What’s going on??

Gay life vs people of faith (any faith). People of faith vs atheist’s. 507 more words

Atheism or Theism: Which is Really Myopic?

So, while casting around once again for a topic to spur my to write more than 100 words of drivel (I can only claim this as more words, not less drivel), I found… 1,336 more words


The big "Christian Country" bun fight

I do enjoy a good debate and there seems to be one currently raging over the question of whether Britain is a “Christian country” or not. 910 more words

A Little Background

Before I start posting all the parts of this blog (there are 5 all together excluding this part), I want to make sure everyone who is reading understands the background in which I was raised. 370 more words

Some Spoilery Thoughts on Aronofsky's "Noah"

I just watched Darren Aronofsky’s newest controversial flick, “Noah,” so you can see just how behind the times I am. For weeks pundits and bloggers have been back-and-forthing each other on the merits and demerits of the movie, with many in my ultra-conservative Bible-belt town imploring their friends and fellow churchgoers to spend their hard-earned dollars elsewhere—on movies like “God’s Not Dead.” After reading and listening to these folks for a bit, finally watching the darn thing myself, and then waiting a day to sort through my feelings, I’ve compiled some thoughts on whether or not the movie works. 1,201 more words


School Sued Because Of “Under God” In Pledge Of Allegiance

Courtesy of Philly News Dot Com

A school in New Jersey is being sued by a family for the ‘Under God’ phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance because the family is arguing that the phrase discriminates against atheist children.   83 more words

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