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God exists, even if he doesn't.

This god you worship where did he come from, who is he? When those who believe in a god are forced to defend their belief it comes down to a few questions by those who don’t believe. 175 more words

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Happy Humanist Halloween Pub Crawl

Next week we will be having a meeting in the library at study room 7 from 6-PM (optional for non-committee) and after we will go on an almighty… 88 more words


Pamphlet Given to Kids

This is really getting to be too much. If atheist don’t believe that God exist, then why are they so obsessed with those of us who do believe.   35 more words


A former atheist is speaking out about his new faith in Christ

British author Scott Coren says the birth of his daughter, born with life-threatening problems, led him to God instead of hardening his heart.

Coren tells OneNewsNow that he and his daughter spent months in pediatric intensive care, where he was at the mercy of the doctors. 114 more words


Is the God of the Old Testament a horrible serial killer?

*This is a slightly modified comment I made on this blog this morning. I think it stands alone as its own post.

If you read the… 372 more words


Who Is Responsible For Toxic Views?

In the past few months I’ve borrowed some terms from Captain Cassidy because she’s very good at using the English language to describe ideas. One such gem is a “ 1,249 more words