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Exodus 5 - 12: Plagues and Manipulation

So last time, Moses and Aaron were sent on a mission by God to lead the people of Israel from slavery, and they had just convinced all the leaders of the enslaved people that they were legit. 1,871 more words


In Defence of Suicide

“Don’t. Don’t. This will hurt someone”. These were the final words ever spoken by Robert Budd Dwyer before he pulled the trigger on his gun and shot himself through the head in front of an audience of people called together at a press conference. 1,969 more words

Paddy Vipond

Why it's hard to be raised a Christian

In Ghana everyone is a Christian, or ‘at least’ a Muslim. When you go to the hospital and have to fill out a form to get treatment, you have to fill some basic information and things like what tribe you are from and what religion you follow. 773 more words

Adventure Diary!

Happy Middle of April

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the ham in the oven is starting to smell really good – and it is just another day. 307 more words


Day 20: "Easter Sunday" by Carmina Masoliver

I’m not religious
but like egg-shaped chocolate and
little yellow chicks.


Passover: Based on a true story

Remember those promos for the Law & Order TV shows? They almost all started out with the phrase “Ripped from the headlines.” That meant that what you would be seeing if you watched the show would be a dramatized version of an event that actually occurred. 995 more words



Most people have never heard of it
That phenomenon called pareidolia
And just in case you’re wondering
It rhymes with magnolia

It is a type of illusion… 116 more words