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Joshua 9-11: More Genocide Than You Can Shake a Stick at

We left off last time with the massacre of everyone in Ai, and it’s king being impaled on a spear.  So, things should be looking up, right?   1,423 more words


Re: What I Miss About Christianity

This is a response to a very well produced video by Atheist Minority. I say the video is well produced, but I must also say it is not well


Is Hell an Infinite Punishment for a Finite Crime?

It is sometimes suggested that God sentences those in Hell to an infinite punishment for a finite crime, and that because of this, he is



Dear Atheist,

If you say there is no God, that we are just physical beings meant to return to oblivion and dust, what’s inside us that makes us desire love, appreciate beauty, or laugh out loud? 467 more words


Why do you not believe in God?

This question is only for those who do NOT believe in God.

Why do you not believe in God? I really want to know. Please state briefly: 119 more words

Do atheists exist?

We all read the article in Science 2.0 that said “Atheists might not exist.” I went to the sources and found that the author cited op eds instead of actual scientific research. 19 more words


The Sufficiency of Christ’s Atonement

An objection to the sufficiency Christ’s atonement is often made. Namely, if we deserve an eternity in Hell for our sins, how could