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Ad Ignorantiam

Ad Ignorantiam

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam ( or Ad Ignorantiam, for short) means “argument from ignorance”. This is a fun fallacy, everyone!

Before I start on the fallacy itself, let’s start with a caveat. 634 more words


Atheism verse Theism: A misuse of Labels

God is an emotion. A human emotion. We humans like to label our emotions. That feeling of anxiety when we perceive unfairness, we call anger. That feeling of an invisible weight that follows a loss, we call morning—temporary sadness. 474 more words


Religion is Ridiculous



I completely admit that I think religion, “believing,” church, etc. is totally ridiculous. I also think “believing” is weak. I’m trying to figure out how to even start this post because I have so much going through my head right now I can’t even get my thoughts straight! 2,315 more words


Believe in your religion, but don’t expect the rest of us to respect it

Respect involves more than just tolerance, it requires the individual to see positive in that entity which is demanding respect. To be tolerant, however, does not necessarily require agreeing with the idea or the belief. 195 more words


Know Your Enemy: God's Not Dead's Other Failure

The second-biggest problem with the recent film God’s Not Dead, just behind its devotion to errant Western philosophy, is its inability to accurately depict the beliefs and behaviors of most modern “New Atheists”, the film’s primary target in evangelization.   740 more words


Coming Out

Greta Christina’s new book, Coming Out Atheist is now available! I’ve grabbed my copy from B&N, and I know I’ll enjoy it as much as I did… 12 more words