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My Journey From Christianity to Atheism

Along this journey of mine I have come across questions and statements that I have addressed previously in my blogs. Often they are things I asked or said myself in the past so I understand where they are coming from. 4,214 more words


Bible Contradictions Collection and Commentary: New Video!

Sorry for posting so many videos lately. Because it’s summer I have some extra time on my hands, but I start a new position on Monday, so videos and blog posts will slow down after that. 47 more words


When Faith Gets it Right

I continue to be in relationship with many people of faith.  Some are a little too much caught in “church business,” but many are out doing many good works in the community which benefits all of us, spiritual or secular. 187 more words

Is Hell fair?

People often ask “is Hell fair.”

Well, yes it is.

God clearly states “for the wages of sin is death(Hell). Right when you sin you earn your ticket to Hell. 140 more words


A Very Brief Look at the Imago Dei

What does it mean to be made in the “image of God“?

The statement from the opening lines of the Book of Genesis, “Then God said, “ 312 more words



Hell, its not a curse word, its not something you wish upon people when you’re mad at them. Its a place where the unsaved perish forever. 477 more words