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a letter to the past

I have spent many years of my life feeling angry about the way that I was raised. My primitive years were wasted trying to adhere to the beliefs of a religion that I did not support. 696 more words


"Washed by Blood"

I wanted to share a song by one of the people that made a huge positive impact in my life. Brian “Head” Welch is the lead guitarist for the metal Rock Band KORN. 138 more words

Why would God "create" us to begin with?

If god is all knowing then surely he knows that many people will not believe in him and he will send those people to hell, but why? 332 more words


Holy Tuesday Post

In a recent edition of Time magazine there appeared an article entitled, “10 Questions.” The one-page article consisted of 10 questions posed to Barbara Ehrenreich… 384 more words


A Poem: God never loses at the craps table

This entry comes from a new friend. He is Reverend Andy and he wanted me to share it with you. Andy is new to Tucson and he’s enjoying the weather and glad to be here. 258 more words


Horrifying lessons from the Bible that you’d never tell your kids

So you want to use the Bible as a source of guidance, to teach children how to be moral and not sin? Great idea!

So the Bible tells us a story in 1 Kings 16, there was a king named Baasha who sinned and angered god because of his sins. 148 more words



33% of the world population claim to be spiritual, but not religious. That implies for them that they are not attached to a particular religious group. 968 more words