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North Carolina Abortion Law Struck Down

Many states in America require abortion providing doctors by law to administer ultrasounds on the pregnant woman before allowing for the procedure.

North Carolina has struck down a similar law.  394 more words


Two Sides of the Same Coin: Atheist Activists and Progressive For Jesus*

(Warning: this article contains strong language)

I spent a lot of my time in highschool on the atheist side of the internet. It was where I went for advice, where I complained about my parents, where I bitched about school, and where I got to know a lot of decent people. 789 more words


Certainty and Disbelief

God is there, you’re just not listening. God will burn you for eternity if you don’t recognize what he’s doing for you. God loves everyone, and those that obey him will get to spend an awesome eternity with him. 1,057 more words


My YouTube Channel

So I checked my email for this site yesterday and I’m excited to announce that I will be having a guest blogger visit shortly. I’ll also be writing a post for them as long as the planets align…and they will…align I mean. 282 more words


The Q Fragments: Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Carol contacted the police then called the other teams back to base camp. Leaving one of the cooks to man the radio, Carol left with Nat and Orem. 741 more words


on demanding justice of the void

Heaven, Hell, the judgement of the living and the dead, karma, other similar concepts – attempts, some more noble than others, at making justice an attribute of the universe. 215 more words