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Homophobic pastors really do secretly want the dick.

It has often been said by basically everybody that religious people who are the most anti-gay are usually themselves ultra gay. Take for example Ted Haggard. 516 more words


Well isn't that conveeeeenient! (Church Lady on SNL)

Courtesy of The Christian Post

A new study finds that many U.S. adults—roughly one in five—are deeply religious, know a lot about science, and support many practical uses of science and technology in everyday life, but reject scientific explanations of creation and evolution. 609 more words



‘Repent dear child! Repent.’

He screamed.

‘Repent for all your hellish actions!’

He pleaded.

‘Repent for your wrongdoings!’

He wallowed.

‘Repent for what you did! Then thou shall be saved!’ 31 more words


So...you're an Agnostic Theist?

People like to debate. Why? Well for some it is out of pride and for others it is to kindle the intellectual discussion of a topic they feel compelled to discuss. 1,134 more words


Crunching Numbers

There’s nothing that makes me more afraid
Than a number, because it isn’t made;
And though I resist
The thought, I can’t shake it:
Something can exist… 7 more words

All In All