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The Ten Humanist Commandments

  1. Try to be a good person. Not to avoid burning in eternal hell. Just because it makes life better for everyone.
  2. Form your own beliefs based on evidence, fact and reason.
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We must all ask ourselves; what does it mean to be a good person? Are there a set of rules to obey or could we trust our own judgement? For me, to be a good person you must at least try to be a good person- I do believe that's the entire point. When discussing morality, people use religion as a crutch. This is obviously problematic considering religion has done its fair share of damage, murder, and evil. Even though I reject the idea of morality, I understand how to be a "good" person, or at least I understand what's socially acceptable. Humanist morality indulges itself in the concept of helping others because it is obvious that there is no help from beyond ourselves. While religion teaches you that you're broken and in need saving, humanism knows you're unique and important for the success of the human species.

The Unbelievers

Two men that I admire greatly – not for their non-belief in a random deity – but their hard work, expertise & frankly under-appreciated strides forward in not only their scientific field, but in bringing the wonder of science back to the Zeitgeist. 728 more words

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Recently I reviewed the Unbelievers, and I must say that this inspiring me documentary shone brightly not only as an atheistic documentary but as a masterpiece. The Unbelievers will pave the way for atheist and humanist organizations and inform people of dangerous religious dogma.

Search For Truth (Video)

Asking the big questions in life. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go? Is there a God? Does science conflict with religion? 46 more words