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If militant atheists formed their own country, what would it look like?

Here is a story about North Korea from the UK Telegraph about a government run by atheists, for atheists.


Christian missionaries have set up an extraordinary network of front companies – including tour agencies, bakeries, factories, farms, schools and orphanages – in order to spread the Gospel inside North Korea.

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NSC gives the goddists's undies another tweak

I hear the recently released movie Noah pleased almost no one.

Doncha just love the goddists – for whom the biblical Great Flood horror story is real – getting their undies in a twist because Hollywood got the ‘facts’ wrong. 60 more words


Non-StampCollector exposes God's whoopsies

NonStampCollector makes brilliant YouTube videos.

And since one of my recent posts dealt – in part – with errors in the Bible I thought I’d introduce goddists, atheists and agnostics to an apposite video made by NSC …


5 Reasons Atheists Are The Best People To Be Around


Religious people have all sorts of stigmas about different kinds of activities and are always making assumptions or passing judgement or what other people do; many religions go as far as condemning those that either believe in a ‘false religion’ or don’t believe in any one of them. 447 more words

July 18, 2014

Isaiah 53:1 Who has believed our message
and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

This chapter of Isaiah is perhaps the pinnacle of the “suffering servant” Messianic prophecies, yet few indeed accepted or understood it before Jesus’ resurrection. 570 more words