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What is Life's Story?

What is life’s story? We see all throughout history a pattern that creates a story. Similar to book Life has a beginning, a middle, and an end. 218 more words


It's the Story of My Life

I was fortunate enough to grow up in church and, thus, was saved at an early age. But I thought because I was saved life would be a little easier. 123 more words


Biblical Theology...II

As I mentioned in my previous post, man has to make that same choice: love God by sacrificing their free will to live outside his boundaries or to willfully act against God and the Truth. 331 more words


Internet Trolling vs. Actual, Real Discussions: Christians & Atheists


That’s a mild back-and-forth exchange of beliefs. I’ve seen worse… Way worse…….. I read stories relating to faith on several websites and then read the comment section. 632 more words

The Reason Atheists Lack True Morality

Most of those who want to debate a lack of morality in an atheistic worldview do not deny that atheist can be ethical people but more so that we have no basis for absolute morality. 529 more words


On Philosophy and Science

There’s been a lot of debate lately over science vs philosophy. Many claim they should each stay out of the domain of the other. Some modern vocal naturalists are giving philosophy a bad rap by using terms they don’t fully explain to the layperson, implying implicitly more than they actually mean (e.g. 1,608 more words


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The origins of critical thinking extend back to philosophy; philosophy cannot be compared to science just like apples cannot be compared to oranges- they're both fruits, but both have very different and complex characteristics. It would be foolish to debate which is the tastiest. However, and perhaps I'm biased, but I think science gives us a practical understanding of our cosmos. Science is intended to find answers, philosophy proves that there isn't always one. Philosophy has always peaked my interest. I value the opinions and perspective of others, but I cannot debate about a subject when which something cannot be proved or disproved. Science tries to get humans to understand the cosmos, and philosophy tries to make the cosmos understand humans.

Meeting Location Update!

We are excited to share that we’ve found a room downtown for our meeting. Our first meeting will take place at 8pm on October 27 at The Sheldon Chumir Centre in room 3102. 101 more words