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Why atheists are so unhappy...

I’m not going to start this out by talking about all the ways Americans seek happiness through material possessions, extramarital affairs, and plastic surgery. Or how reality shows are filled with the underbelly of life with the Kardashians and how that is supposed to be entertaining. 226 more words

On Good Friday

A good number of onto-theologians on the left (perhaps like Altizer), like to proclaim the death of the God on the Friday and Saturday before Easter. 137 more words

New Testament

Has the resurrection hoax finally been exposed?

If there is one thing that the enemies of the Bible agree on, it is that the resurrection of Jesus is a hoax  (compare Shermer, Harrison, Dawkins, et cetera). 405 more words

Answering Sceptics

Christianity Today: The Richard Dawkins effect - could the atheist's rants against Christianity actually be winning people to it?

An interesting article appeared on the Dead Philosophers Society a few weeks ago from an academic who shares that reading Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion actually led to her conversion. 111 more words

The Big Bang Repudiated by Dr. Shaykh Salih Sindee

“The second theory; is the big bang theory. In summary –and I will try to clearly explain it—this theory states: The origin of creation was a simple ball comprised of a single cell. 653 more words