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Ex-atheist attempts to prove God

A US physics professor is working on a project that’s getting attention around the country – he’s trying to prove mathematically and through experimentation that God exists. 312 more words

Or So The Story Goes

From Nick Spencer’s Atheists, The Origin of the Species

“Once upon a time there was a terrible monster that lived in the sky. No one had ever seen it because it lived a long way away, and because it was invisible, but everyone knew it was there because a long time ago it had shown itself to some very clever men. 423 more words

Engaging Culture

Five Eggs and a Plan of Action

I’m in Springfield Missouri at Skepticon. I like to say that Skepticon is a sacrament. I’m here every year. This and our American Atheists convention, every year. 169 more words


The Faith of Fullness

What are you doing here?

Do you desire to desire?

Is the Love of God for doing tasks?

Or for drawing all men near?

We do and do but for what purpose, to spread the news or just perform?  430 more words


Atheists and Christians Talk Theology


A couple years ago I co-taught a Sunday school class on some basic theology: Christology and Pneumatology, the Incarnation and the Trinity, stuff like that. 335 more words

New Friends, Old Campaigners

A most amazing thing, the world is listening.  When I started this I knew very little about blogging.  I saw that it’s everywhere now, it is easy to start one, and most people that are on blog sites don’t read much of what comes through.   1,126 more words