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The ISIS flag: A menstrual pad, a toilet

I love Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. She is to Islam what Pussy Riot is to Putin. An Egyptian atheist activist whose major point of contention rests on Islam and its abysmally gendered track record, Elmahdy has captured my heart by removing her clothes. 242 more words


Subjective Evidence

I’m a sucker for talking about evidence. Having written a brief overview of some of the general problems with evidence in religious discussion, Captain Cassidy wrote a… 1,096 more words


Atheists are assholes?

Something that has always perplexed me is this image people seem to have of atheists as being horrible, judgemental, angry people. It has always confused me because in my experience those who identified as atheist were generally more accepting of people than most. 751 more words

Mistaken Words and Misleading Works

A recent comment exchange between myself and another blogger has prompted me to write a post about this phenomenon of intentionally or at least irresponsibly misrepresenting what people say, and specifically how I’ve noticed Christian bloggers use it. 1,467 more words


Burden of Proof (Or, I Can't DRIVE 55!)

Greetings friends,

I was reviewing a conversation I had on Twitter recently, and I came to some conclusions.

1. Having conversations on Twitter is stupid. Nothing worth saying can be said in less than 180 characters. 2,082 more words

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