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Conversing with Theists

I have been working on creating a podcast pilot episode and I am not sure when this will be posted as I am still tweaking the sound quality of the recording with the headset that I bought. 372 more words


I Love Blog

This really hit home.  “Love” is one of those words I have battled with for a long time, as it is one of the most watered down terms in the English language.   667 more words


Talking To Atheists

Atheists and Christians look at life and the world from diametrically opposed views, so having a conversation between those who hold to those divergent opinions is not easy. 847 more words


This is what Jesus has done for me...

This is a Chris Tomlin Song, “Jesus Loves Me” that really captures the Gospel. I put the one on here that shows the lyrics because I really want you to pay attention to the words and let God speak to you through them as he did with me. 7 more words


FREE WILL(TM) Isn't What It Used To Be

I read this recent post by Godless Cranium and immediately went to this post by Isaiah 53:5 that spawned it. The latter post itself is an exhortation in the form of poetry and cited Bible verses to encourage other Christians to save souls. 1,119 more words