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Atheists can’t Think

I know that sounds harsh and it sounds like I am calling atheists stupid. I am not. You may think I am questioning the logic and reasoning of atheists. 995 more words

Liberal America Murdered God.


For those of you who are spiritual believers, you’ll probably want to correct the title and state that it was Jesus who was murdered, when he die upon the cross. 2,539 more words

Truth Isn't Democracy

“Poll: Religion Trumps Belief in Big Bang Theory for Most Americans”

This was the headline I woke up to this morning. I should be shocked and outraged and disturbed; but it’s not like this is surprising. 674 more words


We are not Real : Simulation Hypothesis

In my previous few posts I insisted that our existence, this Universe and the things we feel, observe and relate to are not real. When we talk about this Universe as a work of fiction then it’s not a simple philosophy, its application of some of the well established theories from Quantum Mechanics. 1,260 more words


Four Questions for Atheists and Agnostics

Calling all atheists and agnostics. May I ask you a question?

Okay, maybe four.

What do, or who do, you believe in since you don’t believe in God?

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Connecting with Atheists

It’s Easter Monday, and I have a confession to make.  Prior to Easter’s arrival, I saw a news account regarding billboards in different parts of the country declaring in one way or another that the accounts of Jesus and His life are no more than a myth. 974 more words


Richard Dawkins: Just 25 per cent of atheists, agnostics 'approve' of him

The British Columbians who are atheists, agnostics or unaffiliated are more fond of Buddha and Pope Francis than Richard Dawkins.

The high proportion of respondents who told Insights West pollsters they are not at all religious, 36 per cent, are also the most liberal in regards to sex-related moral issues such as homosexuality, sex outside marriage and abortion. 699 more words

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