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Ending Your Addiction To Valium Or Xanax - Benzodiazepines Explained

Has your doctor recently prescribed Xanax for you? Maybe they have given you a prescription of Ativan or Valium. These are drugs that are called benzodiazepines, a very difficult drug to stop using once you have begun. 254 more words

The Lithium Hump

In my opinion, in the world of medications, there is only one thing worse then being on Lithium. That one thing, getting off of Lithium. Today seems worse than yesterday, I’m guessing because last night was my first night without the stupid pill after a week of being on it. 340 more words

Simple Steps to Feeling Good About Serving

I’ve ben taught, the mindful way,  that if you choose to do something, it is your own decision, that you willingly place yourself within a space and the act of giving or doing is your choice. 978 more words

Thoughts on a Plane

This is a true internal commentary from a recent flight experience. I wrote it on an old receipt, beautifully featured below.

Do pilots have one of those voice regulating devices that make them all sound identical? 854 more words

Miscellaneous Somewhat Disconnected Ramblings

I love the Daily Prompt.  It’s like Words with Friends for me.  I never knew how captivating such a thing could be until I actually did it myself, and then became an addict.  1,279 more words

This is your happily ever after

I can vividly recall being excited by certain landmark birthdays.  Turning 13 and becoming an official teenager.  The Sweet 16 of blissful youth.  18 and believing that to be the sign of adulthood.  469 more words



Everyone hits a wall once in their life. It could be real, metaphorical or spiritual. In my case it occurred New Year’s Eve when I, as miserable as I have ever felt, knew I could not put my wife, myself or the rest of my shrinking family and acquaintances through my, let;s call it, mercurial moods. 866 more words