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Huzzah - when hooray isn't enough

Jumping onto a moving roller coaster is hard, but reentering the world after 18 months of illness is worth a few bumps and bruises.

I realized today that I missed the “anniversary” of the beginning of the Rx nightmare.  246 more words


On the other side of the rainbow

My ipod couldn’t pick up the rainbow but I wanted to share the moment with you. Yesterday was a yellow gray rainy day here and I happened to look out and see a rainbow peeking through the trees. 234 more words



I’m proud of myself.  I made it through another day with just .5 mg ativan in the afternoon and one 12.5 mg ambien.  I spent a very long time meditating to get to sleep.  287 more words

Going Insane

I ran out of Ativan for my anxiety so i took an opiate pill. I know it was a stupid move but I needed something to calm me down or else i get paranoid. 335 more words

Paying Attention to the Quiet

I had a magnificent night!!

Yesterday I called my doctor and complained to him that my ativan wasn’t getting me to sleep.  I was taking 2 1/2 mg of ativan to finally get to sleep, and then the next day I was completely knocked out.  644 more words

Silly, Happy Child Where Are You?

I’m sitting here with my morning coffee, which is now much more bitter.  Each sip makes my face scrunch.  But for the third year in a row, my cholesterol is elevated and my diabetes numbers are elevated, so I’m thinking that maybe this year I should respect the warnings and cut out the ice cream desserts and the tasty coffee additives. 510 more words

This Is A Low

Feels like treading water fully clothed; all that waterlogged weight pulling you down and your heart gripped with the fearful certainty that you’re going under, knowing there’s nothing you can do to stop it. 111 more words