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Today I’ve felt really happy.  I can’t quite pinpoint why, and even through the anxiety, I’ve been happy. Smiling for no reason! Smiling when anxious! Smiling when expecting anxiety! 546 more words



In my previous posts I’ve felt like complaining about my anxiety. Lots of “poor me” thoughts going through my head. Those posts were great to vent but focusing on positivity will be much more productive for recovery. 443 more words



As the end of this journey neared, I have thought a lot about what this celebratory post should say. What profound words of wisdom I could share to precisely impart into anyone still reading this blog the dangers of the medically prescribed drug, Ativan (lorazepam, a benzodiazepine). 702 more words


MDs & PhDs

On Monday I had a phone call with a psychologist.  That’s right – a phone call! I am so happy that she is willing to start our counselling sessions on the phone due to my (self-diagnosed) agoraphobia.  383 more words


Datings Drugs: The Sequel

So, you might be wondering what is happening in my relationship these days.  (An aside: My “human boyfriend” has been fantastic through this btw… but he deserves a post all of his own… 435 more words


Dating drugs

Over the years I’ve had some good and bad relationships with drugs!  They usually start off bad – weird right – who stays in a relationship that starts off bad!? 965 more words


"No Make Up Nominations"

In the shadow of the neknoms has come a much more horrific trend.

It asks woman to “bravely” post a photo of themselves without make up. 100 more words