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Is that the end of the tunnel??

I am risking the wrath of the withdrawal gods who never want us to be too comfortable or too confident.  But, here I go rolling the dice that if I say it out loud, it won’t be taken away from me.  317 more words


Nonexistent Period Round 2

That’s right.  Another month, another lack of period.  Two months off birth control, and I’ve still not had a period.  This month, I didn’t even have the tiniest bit of spotting.   297 more words

The End

(This was originally written for the Centennial Reader, a magazine that bought this article, then immediately went the way of other Literary Magazines before it. I will try my best not to take it as a sign.)  1,002 more words

Navel Gazing

Taking Back My Day

Today started of terribly.  I woke up and showered but the cold grip of anxiety and drowsiness (thank you, Seroquel) had me.  So, I had to email all my students and my boss to let them know I had to cancel class.   136 more words

We're all a little crazy sometimes.

I hear variations on this theme all the time, especially when the topic of being mentally ill comes up. I don’t know what the motivation is for the people who say it. 540 more words