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My Emotions...My Feelings

What am I feeling? Sadness? Sorrow? Pity? Oh, I don’t know. Last night having intense bilateral leg pain, I took Lyrica 300mg. I kept getting up doing crazy things. 562 more words


Melancholy Overload

A buddy of mine had posted a picture on Facebook tonight and it showed a plate of pizzelle cookies and some wine.Gee, I thought, what a good idea, until I remembered that my pizzelle maker is down at Undisclosed. 192 more words


a little step forward

I did it.

I went to the dentist.

It’s been over 6 years that this phobia has prevented me from going. Scared that I will be sick. 60 more words

Racism and Ableism and Zoloft, oh my!

Exhausted. Starting Zoloft tomorrow. No other med changes just in case something happens. My psychiatrist will be away for four weeks. I hope it works. I really hope it changes something. 383 more words


rambles of nothing

Today is already a had day.


I got up, saw that we had about 6-8” of snow. I went out and shoveled as his back hurt today.   329 more words

Getting Through the Night

I feel a dark cloud of depression setting in. It’s been a week and a half since my doctor lowered my Abilify dose to 5 mg from 10. 119 more words


Such a minuscule number. A factor that should not even cross your mind cause there’s just like, no chance. But for me. I hold onto that. 543 more words