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Battling Pain Killer Addiction

Triggered by a post I saw about pain pills, I am craving a Nucynta. I know it’s not the right thing and I am fighting my brain not to grab one. 271 more words

Au revoir!

In July, I went to my family doctor in a panic because I was having an anxiety breakdown and felt like I was out of control. 367 more words


Ativan and Daily Routines

Somehow my WordPress front page has amazing and inspirational posts on it.  Must be something I’ve created in the past.  Coming to this page fills me with an inspiration to want to live!  449 more words

Humans are Perennial



lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.

synonyms: abiding, enduring, lasting, everlasting, … 493 more words


adventures without ativan continue

I’m happy to report that I’m still progressing in a positive direction with my anxiety recovery! Yay me!

I was semi-succcessul with going to the psychologist without Ativan.  437 more words



Today is my 1 month anniversary since completing my Ativan taper.  It is hard to process that this medicine taken as directed for only 3 months cost me 18 months of my life.  552 more words


meeting my psychologist

To start my counselling, I found a psychologist who was willing to do phone calls rather than face-to-face sessions.  I was too anxious to go to the grocery store or walk the dog far from my house and so I didn’t think I could venture to a new place, sit in a waiting room, then have a 50min session with a stranger, then deal with the receptionist and paying at the end.  622 more words