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Gorgeous Guacamole


Good day my fellow Ketotarians!

After a while of following and reading keto recipes, we often forget that some things are best kept simple. After a week of thought, I figured that I want to focus on showing the community that no amount of over the top frying, baking, or inhalation of bacon is required to meet our good keto fats requirements! 214 more words


Supporting The Cots for Tots Appeal

Congratulations to Sally Skuse from Atkins for winning the half day Powerboat Experience prize in the Atkins raffle raising money for the Cots for Tots Appeal. 103 more words

Updates & News

Low Carbin' it

So I went back on my low carb diet today. I am not counting carbs. I combine what I learned from the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and Atkin’s to form something I can actually stand to stick with. 134 more words


11/20 Review Me Thursday! Atkins Granola Bars

At first this blog was going to be solely for reviews but though ‘what the hey’ I should post the freebie links as well! Now, I feel as if this blog is to let others know of what freebies are out there but I’m also going to write a little review for the free stuff I receive! 327 more words


How you should decide what to eat.

In my opinion there is only too ways to decide what to eat.
1 Eat what ever you want do not care if it is healthy or not and don’t listen to anybody on what to eat and ether stay in shape by working out or just be fat. 246 more words


Mail Call! 11/10-15/14

It’s always exciting to receive mail. It’s even more exciting when you know it was all free! The two best things in the world all wrapped into one nice box filled with goodies. 145 more words


Scrambled Symphony

Good day my fellow Ketotarians!

I don’t often give myself a lot of time to eat a proper breakfast. I get up, slap some make up on, … 338 more words