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10 Books that have changed my life

A few months ago, people were tagging each other on Facebook to share which ten books had impacted their life the most.  I’ve been a bookworm my entire life (less so now that I’ve got a kiddo), but these were the ten books that jumped to the forefront of my mind.   373 more words


Rise and fall of Alberta Wildrose party inextricably linked to Danielle Smith

EDMONTON — Danielle Smith headed back to her political roots with Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives on Wednesday after spending the last five years fighting to oust them from power. 1,143 more words



I was and am unable to capture screen shots from Exotics.com into a file to put up on this blog. So I have copied individual images and comments separately into a single new file. 903 more words


The Wall

At any given point of the day you begin to think about the “what ifs” of your company.  What if you don’t succeed?  What if you do not project the right numbers?   412 more words

Air Charter Brokering


I am running out of money to continue staying home and help out my husband with our business concept. It is very vital that work on it continues AND IT IS EXTREMELY VITAL THAT I REMAIN HERE WITH HIM TO KEEP IT ON THE RIGHT AND THE DIFFICULT PATH. 266 more words


Branden and Rand Together Again?

Apparently I missed the news that Ayn Rand’s former lover and protege, disciple or sycophant, depending upon your tolerance for Ayn Rand, Twentieth Century philosophy and/or cults, died. 1,083 more words


My Mother’s Prayers for Integration

As soon as she was sure that they didn’t want any more children, she began to teach prayers she had learned while being fostered by her paternal aunt’s daughter and her husband. 743 more words

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