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The Lessons of Atlas Shrugged of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is arguably the most significant thinker in terms of impact in 20th Century United States. Her influence ranged from economics, politics, general culture and art, among many things. 450 more words

Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?

As a self-proclaimed critic, I have seen many films is my life. Some have been good, most have been terrible, but let me be clear— 873 more words


Libertarian calendar for September

September 23
Washington DC

Peter Thiel book party


Ticket: $15
1 ticket + 1 book: $30
2 tickets + 1 book: $40

How to Purchase: 310 more words

Robert Sarvis

If Joy is the Aim and the Core of Existence

If joy is the aim and the core of existence, she thought, and if that which has the power to give one joy is always guarded as one’s deepest secret, then they had seen each other naked in that moment.”

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Atlas Shrugged

What the Gargoyle heard: A week on the Hill

Parliament is in session, and so is The Gargoyle. From the Beauce to the bowels of the Centre Block, here’s some of what we heard. 1,326 more words


More on Atlas Shrugged

I continued reading Atlas Shrugged today. I haven’t read it in a while since I’ve been sick. But there was one bit that stuck with me. 267 more words