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Atlas Shrugged:  Ayn Rand Hates Socialism

No, really, she does, have you ever read her wikipedia page?  Her family was ruined by the Bolshevik revolution.  Also, don’t you dare fucking comment on this blog with a long winded explanation of socialism vs. 442 more words

Atlas Shrugged

The Fountainhead - A Book Review

The Fountainhead is Ayn Rand’s first full novel.  Released in 1943, it is often overshadowed by Atlas Shrugged, Rand’s masterpiece.  The Fountainhead is however, in my opinion, perhaps Rand’s best work.  176 more words

Ayn Rand

Who is Ayn Rand?

She’s someone you’ll want to read if you want to know what’s really happening in our culture, and our world today. 133 more words


Hank Reardon Talks Dirty To Me

“. . . To bring you down to things you can’t conceive—and to know that it’s
I who have done it. To reduce you to a body, to teach you an animal’s… 94 more words

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Is Porn

I submit for the reader’s consideration, that Atlas Shrugged may actually be dirtier than any erotic novel.  Why?  Writing about sex is naturally pervy, we get that.   128 more words

Atlas Shrugged

i too shrugged, atlas

i too shrugged,

play dates
stem in between
piano lessons in too tight shoes
carelessly dangling below
exposed ankles
yes, i too shrugged, atlas. 252 more words