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Day Six: PRAISING THE SUN and Increasing Writing Output

Crown of the Sunken King: BRING A DAMN BOW

Okay, so I’m a freakishly huge fan of Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2.  The first part of the DLC for the latter game just came out yesterday and I got a chance to play it briefly this  morning.   370 more words

Atlas Shrugged is Worth the Read, If you Invest an Open Mind

But I will say, she can come off as cold. A bitter Russian winter kind of cold. I’m not surprised this is how most people view her. 1,005 more words


“All your life, you have heard yourself denounced, not for your faults, but for your greatest virtues. You have been hated, not for your mistakes, but for your achievements. 184 more words

Atlas Shrugged

identifying the fear



I’ve been on a few different missions lately folks,

one of them; as you might obviously guess, is identifying the fear.



I always thought I was pretty good about diving deep and exploring into myself. 355 more words

Day Four: An Anniversary, The Future, and How to Become a Successful Writer

Given my paranoia that people I don’t know will know me through this blog, something not entirely difficult to do given that my face is right there, I have elected to post a picture of this lovely arrogant looking Pokemon X/Y couple rather than one of me and my girlfriend. 710 more words

Blood on the Tracks: Politics & Revolution in "Snowpiercer"

It is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism. -Unknown

If the world should end in ice  In days of endless night…

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QuickPoint 7: Good Teamwork Is Self-Interested

There’s no “I” in “team.”

So goes the common saying that encapsulates the common idea that good teamwork is selfless. But, punchy as the saying is, (and as correct as its…

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Ayn Rand