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The Only Smartwatch You Need is a DIY Tetris Watch

Smartwatch is the craze this year with Apple revealing its new Apple Watch, available early 2015. But for me, I take this Tetris bracelet over any smartwatch. 65 more words


Thermal Printer Brain Transplant is Two Hacks in One

You know how sometimes you just can’t resist collecting old hardware, so you promise yourself that you will get around to working on it some day? 499 more words


ATMega 32u4

El micro-controlador de la empresa Atmega 32u4-AU, compatible con diferentes proyectos como Wiring, Olimex y Arduino entre otros, Este micro controlador no necesita el conversor FTDI para cargar los programas esto quiere decir que el puerto serial queda totalmente libre para cualquier aplicación, es muy usado para la realización de placas totalmente hechas en casa ya que solo se necesita el circuito impreso el micro-controlador y unos  cuantos elementos como resistencias y condensadores. 45 more words


I almost forgot to mention making my own AVR

In addition to Robot Builder’s Bonanza by G. McComb, I am also reading Make: More Electronics, Electronics for Inventors, and Make: AVR Programming. And I really want to make my own AVR, but i cannot get the hardware up and running. 122 more words

SoftwareSerial and Arduino

A problem while using communication modules with the Arduino Uno is the unavailability of more than one pair of Serial pins. (Pin 0->Rx and Pin 1<-Tx in case of Uno) 2,095 more words