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Code for the shelf

Much code ends up on the shelf for a later project. My project is making a shelf with lights coming out of a couple of LED Strips, and the code goes into an Atmega 168, installed in the shelf. 1,265 more words


This $11 robot can teach kids how to program

A group of Harvard University researchers — Michael Rubenstein, Bo Cimino, and Radhika Nagpal — have developed an $11 tool to educate young Makers on the fundamentals of robotics.  437 more words

Makers Movement

Shelf light AVR with pulse width modulation PWM

As you read, I’m making a shelf light controlled by an Atmega 168 on a circuit board I’ve laid out fairly simple.

The requirements for the board is to… 634 more words


Expansion possibilities with shelf light.

My shelf needs light, and I am making a simple circuit to control the light, based on an Atmega 168 and a transistor. It will have indicator lights, a switch, input power and output power. 361 more words


Lab1 Material : Microcontroller Basics

Microcontroller Block Diagram by Ralf Fickert

The high level Microcontroller Block Diagram above hopefully makes it easy for the children to understand the basic components common to any Microcontroller. 928 more words

Why I chose the Atmel AVR series microcontrollers for my Labs over Arduinos

I decided that the best Labs to start with are the Microcontroller Labs and therefore got myself a couple of microcontroller ebooks . I’ll use the Atmel AVR series microcontrollers as hardware for my Labs. 173 more words

Inventors:Force Lab – What exactly is it?

The Inventors:Force Labs provide an environment in which knowledge is shared between all participants. The Labs start with providing the basics of the subject, just enough knowledge that the children can start tinkering, collaborating, experimenting, researching, playing and inventing. 144 more words