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AVR programación en C – 06 Interrupciones en los AVR

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Las interrupciones son eventos especiales que se generan interna o externamente en el microcontrolador que pausa momentáneamente  la ejecución del programa para realizar una tarea breve, y después volver al punto donde se quedó ejecutando el programa. 951 more words


Doubts in theory and getting started with projects

More information on Micro Controller Units (MCU) and their working is easily available on various sites. You can read it from there and, in case of any doubts, you can comment below. 137 more words


Demystifying NTSC Color And Progressive Scan

Black and white NTSC is simple – it can, and was, done with vacuum tubes for a long, long time. Color is just weird, though. It runs at 29.976 frames per second, uses different phases of the carrier for different colors, and generally takes a while to wrap your head around. 234 more words

Video Hacks

Pinoccio: Mesh All The (Internet Of) Things

There’s a problem with products geared towards building the Internet of Things. Everyone building hardware needs investors, and thus some way to monetize their platform. This means all your data is pushed to ‘the cloud’, i.e. 314 more words


Glove Mouse

“Oh…god!!! I need more space to move this mouse to reach the edge of the screen!!” This thought made us to create a mouse alternative as our main project. 513 more words


Add a Bluetooth Interface to Your Kitchen Scale

When found himself in need of a force meter, he didn’t want to shell out the cash for a high-end model. Instead, he realized he should be able to modify a simple and inexpensive kitchen scale to achieve the… 181 more words


GPS TX RX Project intro

I’ve started a project to build a tracker and receiver unit for Duke of Edinburgh, or other expedition, groups – all using Arduino!