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Atmel and ARM Mali team up to power next-gen devices

ARM announced today that it has licensed processor and security IP to Atmel for use in devices requiring image, video and display capabilities. The license includes the  439 more words


IoT analogous to undifferentiated silicon stem cells

One could say that any term with the word “thing” in it is vague — by definition. So, one could also assume that the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) is also vague by definition. 631 more words


The CryptoCape For BeagleBone

was wandering around HOPE X showing off some of his wares and was kind enough to show off his CryptoCape to us. It’s an add on board for the BeagleBone that breaks out some common crypto hardware to an easily interfaced package. 76 more words

Security Hacks

The password insecurity complex

The thing about passwords is that their whole purpose is to provide security. But passwords are hardly secure themselves, as we all know now due to the recent string of breaches… Once passwords get out into the clear, it’s like Christmas for cyber-criminals. 540 more words


Halt and Catch Fire.

Ένα πείραμα από την νέα σειρά Halt and Catch Fire.

Σελίδα της σειράς στο IMDB ΕΔΩ.
Σελίδα της WikiPedia για το “Halt and Catch Fire” ΕΔΩ.


MAX7219 driver for LED Matrix 8x8

MAX7219LED8x8 is a C library for working with the MAX7219 display driver to control 8×8 LED matrix. It is intended to be used with the  308 more words


Samsung, Intel, Broadcom, Dell and more create the Open Interconnect Consortium

With the aim of defining standards for interoperability between the billions of devices will have Internet access in the coming years, Broadcom, Dell, Intel, Samsung, Atmel and Wind River named companies have created the  173 more words