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Dry atmospheres of three exoplanets challenge ideas of how planets form

From Nature.com, a new paper which looks at how dry atmosphere’s of some exoplanets could cast doubt on long cherished notions about planet formation. Current mainstream thinking is that big planets form a long way out and migrate inwards. 282 more words

Solar System Dynamics

Scandinavian Atmosphere by Interior Design Easy

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One may presume that the Scandinavian search is far more suited to winter, with wooly materials and textures inspired by the roughness of nature. 32 more words

I came across a really amazing collection of atmospheric portraits today by Italian photographer, Alessio Albi. These expressive portraits capture stunning images of young women lost in the depths of their thoughts, whether they’re surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes outside or curled up in the shadowy depths of their homes. 82 more words

Worlds More Habitable than Earth

300 million years ago, the oxygen levels in the atmosphere were significantly higher than they are today. Today, the atmosphere is 21 percent oxygen; back then the atmosphere was more thanĀ 30 percent oxygen. 136 more words


Shares rising

They say to glimpse a bride on her wedding day (by accident, not design) brings you luck.

Lucky me. There is a wonderful tiny flowershop in line of my desk’s vision. 64 more words



Hot summer evenings, all I can think of is the cold. How much more can I crank up the air, how much cooler can I make this room in my head, my heart from overheating sometimes. 114 more words