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A Sunny Morning

The sun shines brightly,

(tired of plain peek-a-boo)

radiating joy.


ENDGame: the latest Met Office climate model update

The Met Office has unveiled their latest update:

Even Newer Dynamics for General atmospheric modelling of the environment (ENDGame)

ENDGame is an evolution of the current dynamical core, the New Dynamics, and is based on a semi-implicit semi-lagrangain discretisation of the governing equations.


Being Polite/Being Happy

Life here is quite different from that at home. And I’m not just talking about landscape or language. I mean, the people here are very different from where I’m from. 620 more words


FutureWorlder - The Golden Lantern That Hangs Over Heaven

Brian Traister aka FutureWorlder, producer from NewYork, just released his new track “The Golden Lantern That Hangs Over Heaven”.

We liked the  ethereal longitude of the track. 49 more words


The study of ocean – atmosphere interactions

When waves crash and underwater bubbles burst at the surface, tiny particles are ejected from the ocean into the atmosphere. As the water evaporates away, a particle is left behind that we call sea spray aerosol. 412 more words


Creating a Perfect Coffee Shop Atmosphere

Making a coffee shop successful requires two key things – Great Coffee and Great Atmosphere.

Once the right coffee blend has been perfected, creating the correct atmosphere is just as important. 218 more words