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The rain

We are restless right now,
you and I.
We are arms open wide.

And it rains over town,
in the compass of dawn.

We are bathing in clouds, 25 more words



Silent poems, starry sky,
windfall, autumn, quiet light.

Silent laughter, stormy sky,
windmill, winter, snowman, wide.

Smiling, power, boat in rise,
tick-tock, tick-tock, and we’re gone.



I have two heartbeats in my palm,
One is for sunset, one for dawn.
I have two songs deep in my heart,
One is of goodwill, one – firefly. 58 more words


4:08 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

Putting aside the question of mass then, bear with me it’s important or not,

There was I thinking

“What if you could shrink yourself”

This lead me to thinking about falling through the gaps between the threads in the sheet of the bed and falling to the floor. 257 more words


Detective 368 - the Wonder Crimes, and Elongated Man teams with the Atom

The story in Detective 368 (Oct. 67) pits Batman and Robin against a gang attempting to commit crimes that reflect the seven wonders of the ancient world.  193 more words


New Physics:
For approximately three centuries,Newtonian Physics ruled the stage.But the beginning of 20th century marked the dawn of Quantum Mechanics or New Physics.Most people think Quantum Mechanics is way beyond the grasp of man unless you have a crazy scientific brain.But you don’t have to write a research paper or make a new discovery in this field,you only have to understand the basic outlines. 377 more words



Atom: the basic unit of a chemical element

Law of Conservation of Mass: matter can be changed from one form into another, but cannot be gained or lost… 139 more words