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Rant about past, Intel Atom, MS Windows Vista & 7, Linux - and what does this all have to do with netbooks?

I guess my ADHD took the best of me when I wrote the following rant (originally as comment to an article, shamed to admit) after I came upon a 4 year old article: 1,874 more words


In Battle

If I sit small and still enough,
beneath the realm of unaided sight
I may drop among the atoms,
dance between energy and mass
searching for the days behind me. 111 more words


Atom Run

Atom Run
By Fingerlab
(3.5 stars with 230 user Ratings)
device Type : Universal App
Editor pick : Yes
$2.99 →Free for limited time

Atom Run is an action-packed retro-futuristic platform game, in a superb mechanical-dynamic world. 275 more words


First direct evidence of 'spin symmetry' in atoms

Physicists have observed the first direct evidence of symmetry in the magnetic properties — or nuclear ‘spins’ — of atoms. The advance could spin off practical benefits such as the ability to simulate and better understand exotic materials such as superconductors. 654 more words


What is the strongest magnetic field possible? Is there a limit?

There is currently no firmly-established fundamental limit on magnetic field strength, although exotic things start to happen at very high magnetic field strengths.

A magnetic field exerts a sideways force on a moving electric charge, causing it to turn sideways. 762 more words


An A to Z of Chemistry

Day 9: I is for Ion

An ion is an atom or molecule with a positive or negative charge due to the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons.