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Spring and Shorts

Spring is an absolutely beautiful time of year, especially where I live.

The air’s fresher, warmer, buds are poking out of the ground and there’s this breath of life that just seems to permeate everything. 441 more words

Normal dermatology associated to commute

Pores and skin issues that can existing to the commute drugs prac­titioner along with infections, embrace different dermatologi­cal prerequisites equivalent to eczema, zits, psoriasis, urticaria, pores and skin malignancies, photosensitivity problems and a lot of different miscellaneous d…

My Life with Perioral Dermatitis: Update 3, April 13, 2014.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been able to provide any updates since my last post a month ago. There hasn’t been any changes to my face. 86 more words


The Transformation of Eczema on My Foot

I am so incredibly sick of this eczema on my foot. There, I said it. Ugh.

Time to get up close and personal. Being an eczema blogger kinda implies that you actually see my eczema sometimes, so here we go. 288 more words


Take Care of Your Eyes

Tuesday turned out to be a really good day for Brian. He made it to school by 1:15pm, took an SOL, went to class, went to the pediatrician, and had a milder-itch, active evening. 195 more words

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