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Prithviraj Chauhan–certain hard facts:


History is brazenly hard and dispassionate to the events that occur where there is no scope of accommodating any prejudices –pro or anti and so is the case while dealing with our most loved hero like Prithviraj Chauhan. 426 more words



Today I read an article written by a man entitled “The Most Harmful Stereotype.”  http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/01/the-most-harmful-stereotype-about-men-sex/ It was interesting in light of what I have been thinking about and posted about on July 22nd.  371 more words


Is it selfish to want someone to have a relationship with you because they just enjoy your company? It seems that most my life I have been succumbing to relationships where I am just plain out being played. 303 more words


SQL Server : Move database files to another location

There may be situations where you need to move database files from one drive to another. You can move database files of a non-system database as follows: 188 more words


Electronic Magazine – July 2014, V13#7: Production

Book Manufacturing Concepts – inserting items
When deciding how to attach flat insert items into your traditionally printed book, sleeve options include one open end (side or top), a flap closure at an open end, a two sided sleeve (2 sides open), zipper bags and more. 25 more words

Electronic Magazine

Claws of Life

Since my birthday is at the end of June, that makes me the sign of Cancer which is represented by the “crab”. Now every time I happen to read my horoscope (every morning), I seem to somehow always agree but some days I question those horoscopes. 509 more words

Endless Thoughts

How to attach a SQL Server database with a missing transaction log file?

There may be situation where the transaction log file is corrupted or delete due to some issue, there is still hope to recover the database using data file. 184 more words