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Drag and drop anything in your Mammoth boards

Once you have your board created, you can drag-drop anything in your boards and it’ll show up right in your board. These are the things you can throw in: 71 more words

Peshawar Attach 16/12

This picture says it all
#PeshawarAttach #pakistan



He walked away,
as he wanted to be happy.

Little did he know,
he was walking away,
from his own happiness,
his true love.

Teeny-Weeny Tales


They both didn’t
love each other.
Just that,
they hated,
everyone else.

Because Hope Sustains Life.

Teeny-Weeny Tales

Moved on

Assuming him as casanova,
stalker and what not?!
she stayed back.

And in the name of love,
he decided to move on.

Because Hope Sustains Life.

Teeny-Weeny Tales


How badly he’s tangled
in strings of love.

He doesn’t have enough
status to earn her,
He doesn’t have enough
courage to lose her.

Because Hope Sustains Life

Teeny-Weeny Tales

Using an attached CAD file in another environment

I have attached a CAD file, using CAD Integrator, to the production instance. Now I need to make a copy of the CAD drawing to attach it to a test environment to do some testing. 50 more words