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GUESS waistcoat WEEKDAY top ZARA pantsMONICA VINADER rings PEARL RING from ThailandASPINAL OF LONDON ‘Marylebone’ clutchTIBI footwear
From one monochrome outfit to an additional, I’m falling into an easy summer season dressing routine, that I’m in no rush to get out of. 19 more words

I am powerful

Why do I drink? Because I like the feeling. I like being buzzed. I like to be numb. I like to be social, to relax and have a good time. 378 more words


WD My Cloud EX4 16TB Reliable Network Attached

The real upside, he hopes, will be the ability to eventually speedthe process of removing users’ application access when they leavethe company, eliminating the three to four hours of work it nowrequires to prove employees have been properly deprovisioned from all of the company’s SaaS systems. 210 more words

Painless BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2Bay 6 TB 2 x

RAID Level 1 – (2 Drive Minimum – Data Redundancy) Mirroring: In its simplest form raid 1 simply duplicates data onto two different hard drives simultaneously, thereby providing data redundancy. 243 more words

Criteria BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2Bay 2 TB x 1

RAID Level 6 – (4 Drive Minimum – Redundancy Through Parity) Block-Level Striping with Double Distributed Parity: Very similar to raid 5, RAID 6 builds on the security of RAID 5 by adding an additional level of redundancy. 201 more words

How much do ADUs cost to build?

The first question that pops into the typical homeowner’s mind, when they consider creating an ADU on their property, is “How much will it cost?” 646 more words

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