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LifeSTAR Announcement: New Advanced Sexual Addiction Recovery Therapy Group (Starting Soon)

Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime. Those in long-term recovery, including program graduates, are equipped with many tools to maintain their healing but can have various life experiences that challenge their ability to maintain progress. 393 more words


"The Treasure Seekers" by Forest Benedict

Over the last few weeks my young sons and I excitedly searched our city for Blackbeard’s buried treasure. We attended weekly pirate shows where new clues were released, seeking to decipher their mystic meaning. 803 more words


What Moms Want

Last night I made 22 lists on color coded index cards of all the things I wanted to do on this three day weekend. Yes, a three day weekend, at home, by myself, with just the Fanny (our Springer Spaniel) two guinea pigs, one cockatiel and a turtle. 399 more words


The 2 Minute Miracle: A Practice for Strengthening Marriage

As a seasoned marriage counselor, I often get approached for tips to strengthen marriage. I believe a significant reason marriages suffer is often due to neglect and an overall lack of connection. 506 more words


Jazz Blog: New Friends

When I was a teenager I found it rally tuff because I was ent like utter people wear I could cum back from school and just say to mum right I’m going to stay at so and so or I’m go to ride to see this person and that was rally upsetting and frustrating and it mad me fell angy and I usto to think why I’m diffent I’m nutter or not a good person. 208 more words


The C's

Since our nuclear meltdown a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been really, really, trying to practice Jane Evan’s C’s – compassion, connection, calmness, correction, communication, containment, cooperation and not the D’s – disapproval, disappointment, discipline, domination, dissatisfaction, distance, disconnection. 521 more words


The Courage of Self-Connection (Another Self-Compassion Tool)

Something is under the surface, can you feel it? You’ve sensed it many times, yet still don’t know what it is. You keep moving forward, keep staying busy, keep ignoring it, keep pretending everything’s fine. 405 more words