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The Upside of Struggling

Did you know that a butterfly needs that struggle to break free of its cocoon so it can strengthen its wings? If you were to cut open the cocoon to release it, you’d rob it of the ability to fly. 805 more words


Making Classroom Observations: Seeing the Obvious

As a Special Education Parent Consultant and Advocate, one of the services I am able to provide my clients is a trauma sensitive classroom evaluation. I recently observed a classroom and made several recommendations to address the sensory needs of a client’s son. 353 more words


What It's Like

I know that raising any child is hard work. I also know that raising a child with special needs can suck every ounce of patience, kindness and understanding from you. 1,117 more words



When we refuse to accept the truth, we set ourselves up to suffer. There’s no doubt that there are times we’re confused and things are unclear. 742 more words



 Last week I attended a presentation by the Parent Information Network  or PIN, an awesome support group for parents raising children with mental health concerns. The topic was “Bouncing Back.” Afterwards, I realized that for a RAD parent, it’s more just bouncing. 253 more words


Kindness is magic

Children form significant, lifelong memories of their interactions with the various adults who enter their lives, including their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and so on. 384 more words


Facets of Marriage (Part 2b): Lovers

“And as a lover knows his beloved’s heart, all the shapes and curves of her even in the dark,  you know me.” Audrey Assad

An issue requiring some delicacy which sometimes surfaces in therapy is the issue of our bodies.  789 more words