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Talking to Yourself About Your Partner

Distressed couples commonly find their relationships besieged by negative cycles of interaction that leave both partners feeling hurt, isolated, and misunderstood.  The tendency when this happens is to see your partner as the source and cause of your pain.  593 more words


Attachment, Support & Community

I find myself preparing a presentation on Reactive Attachment Disorder for a very special audience, members of my church who hope to make a difference for people living with disabilities. 411 more words


Empathy: More Than a Technique

“Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks.” Felix the Cat Theme[1]

“You don’t know what it’s like to be me.”  Tom Petty… 423 more words


My 520 Days of Messy Beautiful

520 days ago our lives were turned upside down and sideways.

520 days of anger, resentment, fumbling, and pit of the stomach icky feelings.

520 days of emotions that are far bigger than me. 367 more words


The Upside of Struggling

Did you know that a butterfly needs that struggle to break free of its cocoon so it can strengthen its wings? If you were to cut open the cocoon to release it, you’d rob it of the ability to fly. 805 more words


Making Classroom Observations: Seeing the Obvious

As a Special Education Parent Consultant and Advocate, one of the services I am able to provide my clients is a trauma sensitive classroom evaluation. I recently observed a classroom and made several recommendations to address the sensory needs of a client’s son. 353 more words


What It's Like

I know that raising any child is hard work. I also know that raising a child with special needs can suck every ounce of patience, kindness and understanding from you. 1,117 more words