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Stop the Cycle

Sometimes we get into a pattern with someone that just isn’t serving our highest good, or theirs. This happens a lot with toxic relationships. Usually, something in the dynamic is harkening back to old wounds for both parties. 844 more words


Give it Time

Sometimes our expectations of ourselves are so unrealistic. We have ideas about how we should feel, or where we should be at any given point in time, and if we aren’t meeting those markers, we feel disappointed in ourselves, or frustrated, or we wonder what’s wrong with us. 897 more words


ATTACh 2014: Connection

I’ve just spent four days bathed in sunshine, immersed in trauma, connected to my memories and heartache, and surrounded by understanding and shared experience. Family vacation? 348 more words


Accepting Abba's Affection

If you’ve browsed around my blog, you’ve likely noticed a theme throughout my writings. My focus is often on “attachment” or connection with God. This is a theme with those I work with and is also a key element of my spiritual journey – learning to connect with God as a responsive, caring Father. 267 more words


Don't Force It

Whenever you find yourself forcing anything—a yoga pose, a relationship, a way of being—it’s really an invitation to perk up and pay attention. When we force a pose in yoga, for example, going for a “full bind” at the expense of a long spine and/or our ability to breathe deeply and easily, we’ve also started to practice aggression on our yoga mats. 503 more words


Falling into the Everlasting Embrace

Part of the human experience is the reality that not every day is our best day. Sometimes we “fall apart”. Some days we feel disconnected from ourselves. 269 more words


Grade 1

The past few weeks have been full of family vacationing and fun and back to school. I wish I had more time to write about it all, but as we adjust to new routines, very busy work schedules and many other happenings, alas some things have to give. 457 more words