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Disclosure 101: The Partner's Pain when the Addict Admits (Powerful video)

“No Angels” by Jason Chu


Rarely, if ever, have I seen a video like this that portrays both the sexual addict’s and the partner’s experience at the moment of… 355 more words


Unwitting Self-Sabotage

“Thinking it over I’ve been sad.  Thinking it over, I’d be more than glad to change my ways for the asking.”  Paul Simon, Song for the Asking… 1,254 more words


Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Divorce Rate go Down

I walked out to the waiting room the other night to witness a somewhat rare event in my practice: a couple holding hands!  I immediately felt just a little…..happier?  739 more words

Couples Therapy

When God Speaks

Yesterday I had an experience that unsettled me emotionally. I was unsure why. Not long after that I received a text from a friend that filled me with reassurance. 480 more words


Attachment Is More Painful....than Acceptance

Every week or so there seems to be a “lesson” the Universe is trying to teach me (us?). I used to think it was just me, but the privilege afforded to me by my work is priceless. 806 more words


Stop the Cycle

Sometimes we get into a pattern with someone that just isn’t serving our highest good, or theirs. This happens a lot with toxic relationships. Usually, something in the dynamic is harkening back to old wounds for both parties. 844 more words


Give it Time

Sometimes our expectations of ourselves are so unrealistic. We have ideas about how we should feel, or where we should be at any given point in time, and if we aren’t meeting those markers, we feel disappointed in ourselves, or frustrated, or we wonder what’s wrong with us. 897 more words