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Falling into the Everlasting Embrace

Part of the human experience is the reality that not every day is our best day. Sometimes we “fall apart”. Some days we feel disconnected from ourselves. 269 more words


Grade 1

The past few weeks have been full of family vacationing and fun and back to school. I wish I had more time to write about it all, but as we adjust to new routines, very busy work schedules and many other happenings, alas some things have to give. 457 more words


The Power of Group Therapy

Talking about your problems is not an easy thing to do. Many prefer individual therapy over group therapy because they believe their issues are worse than others; that others won’t understand them, or they are uncomfortable talking about their issues in front of others. 341 more words


Get Hungry for the Truth

Sometimes we know something but we don’t want to accept what we know. Maybe we’re attached to a certain picture in our heads of how things should or could be. 874 more words


What is Parenting Style?

Parenting style is an interesting term to describe parenting. “Style” usually implies personal preference, like fashion style, lifestyle, etc. There’s usually no right or wrong. But does it also apply to parenting? 114 more words


Love vs. Control

One of the key components to a lasting, healthy and happy relationship of any kind, is a foundation of trust and acceptance. This applies to our familial, romantic and personal relationships. 994 more words


Healing Doesn’t Happen on the Island of Isolation

Are you attempting to recover from an addiction alone? Do your internal voices tell you that trusting others is pointless, leading to a lifetime of suffering in silence? 503 more words