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Moments of Wonder

Here are a few of my moments of wonder -

- First of course the Adoption Panel saying YES!

– The first time I lay eyes on my beautiful sons. 232 more words


Powder Keg

With Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and such, many married people have had the experience of being contacted by an old flame who “just wanted to see how you were doing.”  Or you may have been the one doing the contacting.  641 more words


Preventing Impending Relapse: 6 Immediate Interventions

One of the fundamental skills for those in recovery is learning to put on the brakes when sliding down a slippery slope into relapse. When tiredness triggers, emotions internally eat away, and circumstances crowd their mind with maddening thoughts, what can be done? 440 more words


A Saying "Yes" Update

Two months since I posted last! Wowza. Oi, saying yes takes up a lot of time.

Here’s the quick lowdown update: Jonathan is still doing crazy good at school. 443 more words


Taking a Look at "Time Out" as a Means of Discipline

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/parenting/time-out-vs-alternative-discipline-102640979912.html

By Jennifer O’Neill
Photo by Michele Princigalli/Getty Images

Interesting article on discipline and how social scientists and parents view "Time-Out".  I would have loved to see an additional piece included on "Time-In" for those of us with kids experiencing attachment disorder.  Most families with children from institutional care or any traumatic beginning would better benefit from "Time-In".  How did this article make you feel about your own parenting and discipline style?

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Stop Kidding Yourself!

I know it can be painful to swallow, but for the most part, people will do what they want to do. I say this because I think many people try to fool themselves, or make excuses for someone else’s behavior, or justify certain actions. 767 more words


Walking Home

The moon laments in the vast starry sky
Its luminescence seems devoid, bland, and unearthly dry
The rays resonate like a dying man’s pulse
Every beat sends a message of unending cull… 91 more words

Hangman's Tree