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Smile through tears

I’m dealing with a little heartache these past few days. Moody. Sad. Emotional.

Recently, my mom told me I was selfish for my birth plan (it was unsuccessful) and that statement really hit me hard. 332 more words


I'm an official Guest Blogger!

It happened! It’s so exciting! Here’s the back story.

Well, there is not much to it but Hushamok followed me on Twitter and read my blog posts. 159 more words


Feed Shaming - The Latest Trend in “I’m Better Than You” Parenting

Every decision you make is another opportunity to feel mom guilt. Or even better? Another opportunity to shame others for their horrible parenting decisions.

The way one chooses to feed a baby is probably the most popular way parents and non-parents alike LOVE to shame themselves and others. 1,021 more words


Just another day in Paradise

Okay, you know that’s a lie. But, hey, a girl can dream- riiiight?

Marvell and I went to Kona, Hawaii for our honeymoon in Oct of 2010. 192 more words


Authentic [YOU] & Dasein

Even spellcheck doesn’t recognize “Dasein.”

Recently, I had a conversation with a senior leader in my organization. She has two children under the age of 3. 240 more words


A Mother's Dream

Before I became a parent I knew exactly how to “parent.” Some how through these past 2 years my son has been alive, I’ve lost the knowledge. 494 more words


Momma! Momma! Maaaaaama!

Sound familiar?

It now does to me!
Little Mr. Z now calls me by name. Momma.

The sweetest little voice calls me momma!

It’s been a fun & busy past couple of weeks. 179 more words