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103,101 reasons why your toddler is...

Totally irreversibly insane!

He gets it from his mama. #sadbuttrue

Okay, I wrote that title days ago and here I am finishing what I started. 428 more words


Brotherly love

Hugo will be 4 in December and Jack is 7 months. They are crazy about each other and appear to need less parental interference in their games than we think. 281 more words


Happy {birth}day Zaccai!

Well, we’ve made it. Our sweet little boy has turned 2. People this is monumental. Two years ago Marvell and I were clueless as to… 650 more words


You're Beautiful & Those Lashes! YOUNIQUE

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me, “are those your real lashes!!?”

YES! I’ve always used pretty good mascara and I have my favorites for sure! 415 more words

Attachment Parenting

Family Bonding & Nursing a Toddler

I’m not certain when I decided I’d practice attachment parenting -practice being the important word…. But, I must say there are ups & downs. … 635 more words

Attachment Parenting

Nightweaning a toddler: Nursies when the sun shines

As a full-term breastfeeding mum, I’ve found that getting advice as to how to help to support my son during the ending stages of our breastfeeding journey quite hard. 252 more words


Happiness & Positive Thinking

Life throws so many curve balls that you really just need to be prepared. I’ve learned all to well that “shit happens.” Either way, you have two choices, face it or avoid it. 396 more words