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Breastfeeding in Public

The other day I went to the mall. Not the nice one with Burberry and Zara. The other mall with the panhandler in front. I told myself I’d grab some jeans and be a few minutes. 471 more words

April 22 - I think I'm starting to GET Ana

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for the last few weeks. It didn’t have much to do with Ana; life just got crazy. Ana is still Ana. She is still raging daily, laughing uncontrollably, wanting desperately for our attention and doing horrendous things at dad’s and school. 401 more words


Manicure for the Middle Ground

When I lived in New York I used to get regular manicures so that I could be touched by another human being.  I was so lonely that my bi-monthly hand massage was the closest thing I had to a relationship.   551 more words

Will I spoil my baby by holding him too much?

I’m sure you’ve heard from countless people that you’ll spoil your baby if you pick him up every time he cries. But it’s simply not true!  471 more words

Attachment Parenting

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A beautiful reminder of the importance of holding our little ones, and the truth of how their minds work and how quickly they will grow and change. Wonderful read!

Reasons I am glad we don't do (and can't afford) attachment parenting.

I am not your usual mum writer. First of all, I am a dad.

I am married and my wife is the mum. She is a great, amazing mum. 1,508 more words

Attachment Parenting


I just want to be accepted by my family. That’s what I want from them. If they are uncomfortable, they should walk away. Why is it my responsibility to hide because you are the one with the issue? 282 more words


I Am The Expert

One of the hardest things I am having to cope with in new motherhood is input from too many people on how to care for my son, the worst of the lot being those that believe in very different methods of child rearing and want to impose it on me. 773 more words